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Courtesy Ottawa Fringe.

Fringe Review: Hi, How Are You?

By Emmanuelle Gingras on June 18, 2022

Hi, How Are You?
Created by Angelina Wehbe and Vanessa Onukagha
Produced by life in colour theatre co. (Ottawa)
60m | 14+ | Comedy

How hard is it to please absolutely every client? In our culture, prone to prioritizing the client’s needs over the employee’s, it sometimes gets hard to know when our personal limits are being crossed, and to actually impose them. This is the case of Gwen, the best employee of a grocery store, who is a victim of her own high achievement anxiety toward pleasing clients, and herself.

Noah, a seemingly lazy new employee, puts her to the test. After the duo get stuck in a storage room in the store, they realize they have strong opposing opinions on the way work should be done. They both reminisce about past bad experiences with clients, who are all delightfully played by Vanessa Onukagha, who also directs the play. What seems to be the mark of their differences: their economic status.

This is the most interesting part of the one hour play. Hi, How Are You underlines with humor the issues stemming from major socio-economic gaps. In other words, “The client is always right” applies to those who don’t have the privilege to think otherwise. How can one unapologetically be themselves, when there are chances of failing in an already failing economy system?

In other worlds, the client isn’t always fucking right.

While the decor and accessories were simplistic, the theme was not: Hi, How Are You? deliveres with nuance and fluidity an actual issue of capitalism. It feels liberating to laugh about this common reality, thanks to the discreet but impactful humor of the play.

Hi, How Are You? by Angelina Wehbe and Vanessa Onukagha is playing at ODD Box (2 Daly Avenue) until June 25, 2022. Tickets cost $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at