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Photo by Andrew Bossi

Fringe Review: God! The One-Man Show

By Barbara Popel on June 11, 2017

Reviewed by Barb Popel

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God! The One-Man Show
by Rich Potter

58 min / Comedy, Clown, Solo / PG

Before God! The One-Man Show starts, the Angel Gabriel announces on the PA system that we should turn off our cell phones and refrain from photography, else a fiery sea of lava will appear beneath us to engulf us. Effective!

Rich Potter then bustles on stage, yanking on a pair of ridiculous underwear beneath his flowing robes, and tussling with his flowing white locks. Looking almost-but-not-quite like the Supreme Being in the Sunday school picture books. Except for the colourful running shoes. When he dons a wire halo to tame his unruly locks, the ridiculous effect is complete.

He’s running late on his creation schedule. This is Universe #27, including Earth #26 (He left Earth out of one creation). We the audience are His focus group for creation #27.

We’re treated to a stream of jokes and puns. Some of them are witty (“That King James – what a blowhard!”, “Oh that Zeus – what a frat boy!”, “I’m right. I’m always right. Maybe that’s why I’m not married.”). Some of them are groaners (For the Bible, “I used 66 pseudonyms – OK, they were Holy Ghostwriters.”). There are even a few rather profound statements, such as “I love all of you; I just don’t like all of you.” For miracles He does a little juggling and long set of magic tricks with 3 copper cups.

Since He’s God, He decides to take a direct hand in humanity’s development. He’d like to teach humans about romantic love. Assuming the role of a film director, God invites a man and a woman from the audience up on stage, gives them a short script, and coaches them about how to approach each other romantically. Which they do. Ah hah – it’s Adam and Eve!

He then invites another audience member to ascend into Heaven, and helps her to do so. A very clever use of balloons!

Kudos to the three audience members who so gamely played along with God!

The audience had fun at the opening performance of God! The One-Man Show. I expect most folks would, regardless of their theological beliefs.

God! The One-Man Show by Rich Potter is playing at Studio Léonard-Beaulne until Sunday June 18, 2017. Tickets cost $12 online and at the door. Visit for the show schedule and box office info. Apt613 is trying to see every show on opening weekend of the 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival. Read more reviews at