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Fringe Review: GET LOST jem rolls

By Apartment613 on June 23, 2016

By Julia Bueneman

55 minutes | Storytelling, Comedy, Solo | PG

When was the last time you got lost or, better yet, lost yourself?

Jem Rolls’s latest show is a fantastic reminder that when you are stagnant, you are stuck. A beautifully composed, captivating piece that is not only a commentary on the tourism industry but also a humbling, friendly reminder to go out and explore: and oh, how important it is.

Pulling cue cards from a hat, Rolls’s enthusiasm and fluidly composed combination of poetry and stories in prose bounces from country to country to city to city, different stories reflecting the vast amount of places and things he has seen, done and overall experienced. Based off of true stories, this insightful, exciting and fast-paced series of scenes encompasses what it means to travel and discover, as opposed to travel with a narrow mind.

Harrowing in on the concept of the over-saturated, widespread faults of “go here, see this, go home,” and resort bullshit, GET LOST is a refreshing and honest show that highlights the whole idea of why we travel and what we seek to find as well as how to step away, take a breath, and wander.

If you’ve never seen a Jem Rolls show before, there couldn’t be a better introduction to this incredible performer. Such incredibly consistent high energy, laugh-out-loud moments, relatable content and eye-opening comments and experiences. I recommend this show to anyone and everyone: it is a beautiful kick in the butt to get going and get out there; start exploring and stop making excuses. An absolute must-see.

GET LOST jem rolls is playing at Studio Leonard-Beaulne June 23rd at 9:30, June 25th at 1:30 and June 26th at 8:00.

Tickets are $12.