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Fringe Review: Fuckboys the Musical

By Livia Belcea on June 15, 2019



FuckBoys The Musical
by Savannah Cassidy Pedersen
90min / Mature / Musical / Comedy

Dating in the twenty-first century has its challenges and shortcomings, and Fuckboys The Musical aims at shedding some light onto one of the most allegedly common dating hardships straight women are facing: fuckboys. What is a fuckboy you ask? Well, if you’re like me and grew up in the 90s proper, a “fuckboy” is what we used to call a “player” or what TLC infamously labelled as a “scrub.” A “fuckboy” is a man who treats the women he dates poorly, who lacks decency and/or manners and who has either broken several hearts, violated a woman’s rights or integrity and/or disrespected her in some other form.

The title of the show is provocative and there was a decent-sized crowd on opening night—but the show didn’t quite speak to me as I thought it would and fell short of my expectations, mostly due to the storyline and heavy dose of generalisations.

The title of the show is provocative and there was a decent-sized crowd on opening night—but the show… fell short of my expectations.

Fuckboys The Musical follows the dating escapades and lamentations of four twenty-something female friends. The characters are well defined, each with their own distinct personality and typecast and they remind us of our beloved girls from Sex and the City. There are several male characters as well, but surprisingly none of them personify the infamous “fuckboy.” Perhaps the playwright wanted to protect the image of the actors, but to me, this seemed like a missed opportunity to delve deeper into the theme.

The play is also saturated with cynicism and romance fatigue that is disguised as humour. But as we move through the story, we learn that despite their disappointments with dating, deep down, these women are longing for love and are looking for a lasting and meaningful connection with a male partner. However, their defeated attitudes and disdain for the male gender inevitably lead some of our protagonists to make poor choices and careless decisions that work against them in their quest to find love, happiness and self-acceptance.

Despite these limitations, the performance itself was great on almost all fronts and there were some solid moments throughout the musical that had the entire audience laughing and screaming “preach!” The original music was clever, catchy and beautifully performed by talented actors and actresses with good singing voices worthy of larger, high production musicals. The female cast was much stronger than the male cast, and the synergy between the four girls will certainly make you think of the connection you have with your own group of friends. It will have you reflect fondly on the many nights you’ve spent together helping each other getting over a guy or gushing about a new crush.

Fuckboys The Musical also highlights the strength and resiliency of women and the importance of the sisterhood and friendship between them. From “fuckboys” to “prince-charmings” and everything in between, Fuckboys The Musical will remind you that your girlfriends will always be there to support you and have your back.

Fuckboys the Musical by Savannah Cassidy Pedersen is playing at Academic Hall (133 Seraphin-Marion) until Saturday June 22, 2019. Tickets cost $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at