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Fringe Review: Fringe Late Night

By David Currie on June 23, 2016

After a seeing two shows, and having a couple of drinks of at the beer tent I walked over to check out the “season premiere” of Fringe Late Night. Now, there are very few things in heaven or on earth that I love as much as a variety show – so this thing was pretty much guaranteed to delight me and it did. Glenn Nuotio proved himself a talented ringleader of the hour-long show that combines music, conversation, and comedy.

Glenn’s guests last night were “Recycled Virgin” Houston Robertson, and the spiritually tuned-in Synsk sisters. Having just seen, and reviewed, Houston’s show – I was pretty sure what I was in for, however the well-tuned comedy machine that are the Synsk sisters took me and (in all likelihood) Nuotio by total surprise. These two were made for a variety show, the fortuneteller-meets-Mowgli shtick is perfect for a late night talk show. This Carsonesque selection by Glenn really made the hour fly by. Glenn and the sisters bantered effortlessly for most of the hour, weaving in and out of conversations with Houston who presented several scenes from her show.

Glenn’s musical improvisation set and disrupted the mood through out the evening, depending on what he felt the audience would appreciate the most. There were prizes and games that invited the audience to be closer to the action than is possible when watching late night at home. Glenn’s slick and laissez-faire approach to the show installs the show with a David Lynchian vibe, or maybe the red curtain backdrop just brings me into Twin Peaks. Though, it is at least half the inplay between Glenn and the guests.

I’m not sure if I’ll see a show tonight but I will certainly return to see what antics the Fringe Late Night show gets up to this evening. Though to be honest, those Synsk Sisters were pretty funny – I might just go check out their show In Waking Life as well, and GARY I haven’t seen GARY