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Photo courtesy of the Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Fringe Review: BLINDSIDE

By Colin Noden on June 19, 2021



Created by Stephanie Morin-Robert
Produced by Alastair Knowles (Winnipeg)

60m | PG | Storytelling

Stephanie Morin-Robert tells her tale from her memories as a 7-year-old facing new surroundings, new classmates and the insecurities of navigating the world with one glass eye.

I could say “one sighted eye”, but most of the adventures centre on the glass one. It is also the focus of a tale of triumph, told in a style that would fit in any schoolyard.

If you have someone younger in the house, make a bowl of popcorn and watch their reactions.

I missed having my Junior Youth group watching with me. I could envision their comments as the play progressed and their silence when this real-life story hit them right where they live. So, if you have someone younger in the house, make a bowl of popcorn and watch their reactions.

Stephanie establishes an intimacy from the beginning which makes it hard to walk away. The staging is powerful in that way. She walks on without a word and stands with her back to us, facing a camera. We then see her face on a large screen. The effect is intimate on the screen but distanced by her stance. Then when she turns around at intervals, a different intimacy occurs.

Insightful, intriguing, and authentic, told in a pain-soaked hilarious way. It’s a tale of a special childhood that is also every secret childhood.

TIP: I cast my browser to my TV for a full (home) theatre experience.

BLINDSIDE is screening at the Ottawa Fringe Festival until June 27, 2021. Tickets are pick-your-price from $12.50 to $47.50 (100% of which goes to the artists) plus a $2.50 surcharge. Visit for streaming information and the complete festival lineup. Read more reviews at Shows are on-demand, however the festival’s ticketing platform can take up to 12 hours to email the streaming link. So although there’s no risk of online shows selling out, your best bet is to buy tickets early!