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Fringe Review: Best Picture

By Nick Bachusky on June 17, 2016

60 min | Comedy, Parody | Mature

A comedic tour de force! I highly suggest you arrive early to this incredible play as you will greeted as a celebrity on the red rug (carpet) very warmly by the entertainment media (the actors) as they interview you as if you are the actors from the movies. They obviously absolutely love what they are doing and are great thinking on the spot.

I cannot believe the amount of quick Ottawa references put into both the interviews and into the actual performance itself. For a play that has also travelled the Fringe circuit with a tight routine, they flawlessly added very topical bits. These three characters work astonishingly well together performing scenes with a twist about previous Oscar winners (and possibly Star Wars and Game of Thrones). Although they cannot perform all winners, they do mention titles and I will trust that they got every one.

I wish I had taken a quick look at past Oscar Best Picture winners so I could have a little tallying sense of where they are going. Please try to start heading towards the venue a little earlier if you are confused about the construction navigation like I was. This show is a must watch for the duration of the festival and easily gets a 5/5 Fringe value!

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Best Picture, Venue 3, Studio Léonard-Beaulne, 135 Séraphin-Marion, Sunday, June 19, 4 p.m.; Wednesday, June 22, 8 p.m.; Thursday, June 23, 8 p.m.; Saturday, June 25, 10:30 p.m.

Tickets $12