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Courtesy Ottawa Fringe.

Fringe Review: At The Table With Keith Brown

By Brian Carroll on June 17, 2022



At The Table With Keith Brown
Created by Keith Brown
Produced by Keith Brown (London)
60m | G | Magic
Content warnings: Audience Participation

Photo Credit: Vanessa Paxton


“Well, actually, yes. It was.”

Let’s be clear: I’ve seen a lot of magic shows, and I’ve also seen lots of card tricks. But Keith Brown did almost 50 minutes of card tricks, all of which I had never seen before. Like any good magician, Brown learnt tricks from the greats who inspired him. Dai Vernon’s card tricks, like the trick “Twisting the Aces” are some of the hardest in magic and Brown performs them with audience-appealing charm and mind-bending dexterity. One set of tricks  “Oil and Water” had the audience shaking their heads in amazement and applauding joyously. Whether they be Vernon tricks or not, Brown performed all his family-friendly show with winning personality and smooth as silk sleight of hand inciting the audience to repeatedly ask for “just one more”.

The 50-minute show is not focused on cards. A highlight was a beautiful origami-inspired trick that charmed the audience. The other non-card trick is the “two rubber bands from the dollar store” trick that amazed the son of the President of Iceland… and then the President himself. You too will repeat what the son said: “Again!” Each audience member could see the stage, from the front row to the back. All sight lines were good by the way, because Brown performs using two cameras and a back projection screen, a technique he developed on Zoom during the pandemic.

If you’ve previously seen clean-shaven Keith Brown perform, the man in the pandemic beard may have you checking whether you’re in the right venue. Relax. It’s still Keith Brown behind all that facial hair!

Three years of COVID-19 have definitely made Brown a more mature performer. A show for the entire family, I heartily agree with the first family of Iceland: go see this show.

At The Table With Keith Brown by Keith Brown is playing at ODD Box (2 Daly Avenue) until June 26, 2022. Tickets cost $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at