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Photo Credit: Kate Roberts

Fringe Review: Arthur Bampot And The Case Of The Kept Man

By Colin Noden on June 19, 2022

Arthur Bampot And The Case Of The Kept Man
Created by David Scotswood
Produced by Dangerous Dames Theatre (Ottawa)
60m | PG | Comedy, Film Noir
Content warnings: Smoking, Violence, Firearms

Warning: My spouse informed me I was chatting and laughing in my sleep after watching this play. If you have any deep secrets, you might want to sleep on your couch after attending Arthur Bampot.

I was going to start this review by stating that I didn’t hear a straight line in the entire show. But I’ve been infected. I’m now finishing the responses in my head: “Well, it’s Pride Month, so you shouldn’t be so surprised.”

Arthur Bampot and the Case of the Kept Man is a full assault on reason. Or… an enthusiastic defense of it. On stage with Detective Arthur Bampot, chaos reigns in a way which seems quite logical to him and his cast. It’s almost as if they have read from the same script. (Cymbal crash, or groan; take your pick).

If you liked that joke, you’ll love this show. If you’re still sitting there thinking “Was that a joke? How can a character have a cast? Of course they read from the same script, but what does that have to do with the story?” then you may not survive the show. Better to just collapse and call 9-1-1 within the first 15 minutes.

Raymond Chandler fans and Film Noir buffs will find the minimal set and the play’s structure familiar. I’m not sure where the British link comes from. Perhaps it was necessary, because these days the only place you can find a Dame is in Britain. (cue cymbal)

Somewhere up there, Leslie Nielson (of “Don’t call me Shirley” fame) is laughing and taking notes. Raymond Chandler is plugging his ears. And Humphrey Bogart is… well let’s not guess about Bogart. People get hurt doing that. Enjoy the show, and sweet dreams!

Arthur Bampot And The Case Of The Kept Man by David Scotswood is playing at LabO (60 Waller Street) until June 26, 2022. Tickets cost $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at