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Fringe Review: A Girl In The Fridge

By Brian Carroll on June 15, 2018

A Girl In The Fridge
by Patrice Forbes
Dead Unicorn Ink

37 min / Comedy, Comic Book, Drama / Mature

Dead Unicorn Ink (DUI) brought the Ottawa Fringe Ten Little Sinners, Chesterfield, and Space Mystery … FROM OUTERSPACE!!! So I was looking forward to this production, particularly with Patrice Forbes as writer.

In Green Lantern #54 (1994), Kyle Rayner, the eponymous hero, comes home to find that his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, has been killed by the villain, Major Force, and stuffed into a refrigerator. Writer Gail Simone (Batgirl, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Batman) created a website, called Women in Refrigerators, to discuss comic book treatment of female characters. Simone and her colleagues developed a list of fictional female characters who had been “killed, maimed, or depowered” in ways that treated the female character as merely a device to move a male character’s story arc forward.

A Girl in the Fridge is DUI’s attempt to turn Simone et al’s analysis into a live dramatic production. Here’s the plot:

Eve (Patrice Forbes) is attempting to write a Ph.D thesis expanding on the Women in Refrigerators analysis. Her lover, Zander (Joshua Carroll), is supporting her financially by delivering pizzas and being a human guinea pig in a medical trial. Then there is a radioactive accident at the laboratory where Zander participates in the medical trial.

As with Ten Little Sinners (based on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians), we know that Eve will die horribly. (It says so in the Ottawa Fringe program.) The question is how will it happen. Unlike the characters in Ten Little Sinners, Eve is not guilty of anyone’s death. She’s just Zander’s lover and Zander is … (no spoilers).

Much of the script is devoted to Eve’s attempts to break her writer’s block—reading the introduction to her thesis, explaining her mental roadblocks to Zander, dictating notes on a voice recorder. Unfortunately, this means a lot of exposition in a medium that has “show, don’t tell” as one of its maxims.

Once the plot turns to action, Eve’s fate is sealed. The only question now is when she will get the message.

Fringe is a cheap laboratory for new theatrical creations. Not all experiments come to fruition. Kudos to DUI for taking a chance on A Girl in the Fridge.

A fun 37 minutes for diehard DUI fans and friends of the cast.

A Girl In The Fridge by Patrice Forbes is being performed at Studio Léonard-Beaulne on the University of Ottawa campus (133 Séraphin-Marion Pvt) until Saturday June 23, 2018. Tickets cost $12. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at