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Oboist Angela Schleihauf is part of a trio performing the first music show in Fresh Meat history.

Fresh Meat 7 lineup proposes 12 new works of experimental theatre, dance and music

By Greggory Clark on September 11, 2018



L to R: Chelsea Passmore, Travis Martin in ‘Lust/Trust Shame/Game’.

Producers have announced the lineup for Fresh Meat 7, an annual theatre fest for new short plays. Every work is a world premiere, selected by a blind jury for its “artistic intrigue” and originality.

For that reason alone, it’s remarkable that Fresh Meat 7 is filled with young artists, students, and first-timers, whose show ideas were deemed to be the most compelling out of all submissions. Of the 30-something artists performing in the festival, only three have done so before.

A fair number of performers will be making their professional debuts, which should have all professional theatre creators in town looking over their shoulders. Montana Adams, Hayley Dennis, Priyanka Gopalkista, Sarah Haley, and Shreyas Batra are still in school—but their ingenuity was sighted by Fresh Meat curators from a crop of about 40 applications.

Norah Paton had shows in Fresh Meat 4 and 5.

In addition to ten 20-minute shows being performed in rep each weekend (five shows each Thursday, Friday, Saturday) two “shorter-than-short” pieces will be presented in the little black box, Fresh Meat’s site-specific side stage, which usually functions as a storage closet. These pieces by Caterina Fiorindi (Oct. 11–13) and Norah Paton (Oct. 18–20) are unique shows written for tiny audiences of one to ten people.

Fresh Meat has been a steady stream of exciting new work since the inaugural edition, which went up in a small Centretown cafe in 2012. Some shows premiered at Fresh Meat have grown into full-length productions and have been performed at festivals and venues across the country including the National Arts Centre, The Gladstone, undercurrents, Winnipeg’s FemFest, Victoria’s Intrepid Theatre, and international Fringe festivals. Others live their three nights at Fresh Meat and are never seen or heard from again.

Weekend 1

  • Husk by Montana Adams
  • Happy To Be Here by Maryse Fernandes
  • Beth-Anne by Monica Bradford-Lea & Nicholas Leno
  • Centripetal Force by Hayley Dennis
  • Olive by Sarah Haley
  • [closeted] by Caterina Fiorindi

Weekend 2

  • South African, Eh? by Priyanka Gopalkista
  • Lust/Trust Shame/Game by Chelsea Passmore & Travis Martin
  • Crooked Logs by Tania Levy
  • Drunk ‘N Shave by Shreyas Batra
  • Thought Exhaust by The Rorshachs
  • Practice by Norah Paton

Visit for the full festival lineup. Fresh Meat 7 runs for two weekends from October 11–20 at Arts Court Studio (2 Daly Ave) at 7pm. Tickets cost $15–20 online and at the door.