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Dan Martelock holding a board by Krysta Kentfield. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

All Hands On Deck: A unique skateboard art fundraiser—05.12.18

By Jennifer Bernard on May 4, 2018

L to R: Amy Ortis, Nancy, Shogo Shimizu. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

Beer, skateboarding, and art come together for a good time and an even better cause! Dan Martelock, Beyond The Pale Brewery, Vans Canada and Birling have teamed up to organize the All Hands On Deck fundraiser taking place on May 12th at the BTP brewery. They got the community involved by giving out 200 blank skateboards to people from all different walks of life. Those people were asked to take the blank skateboard and put a piece of their artwork on it.

The finished skateboards will be on display at Beyond the Pale Brewery for people to admire ahead of the event! On the day of the event, there will be a silent auction for the skateboard art pieces, as well as a DJ, skateboarding, great food, and lots of beer.

Illustration by Dan Martelock. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

A portion of the proceeds of the fundraiser go to the non-profit organization, For Pivot’s Sake, which is facilitated by the Ottawa Skateboard Community Association. Their mission is to use skateboarding as a tool to engage youth and make a positive impact on their lives. They collect old skateboards and parts to donate to youth living in low income communities.

Skateboarding is an accessible sport that can be done with minimal equipment. It can be done independently or with a group and it can have a positive impact on a youth’s life. For Pivot’s Sake is always trying to expand their programming and reach to as many youth as possible.

The blank skateboards were picked up by super talented people from all over Ottawa. There was a lot of hype on social media with people posting sneak peeks of the art pieces they were working on. Since the artists were given minimal guidelines, there is a ton a variety in the artwork. The artists could use any medium, which allowed for a ton of creative freedom.

Three of the artists shared with Apt613 why they decided to be a part of the event, and what inspired their artwork.

L to R: Adam and Filip Wawrzynczak. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

Fil Wawrzynczak

“I decided to participate in this stellar event because it encapsulates everything I love in life. Beer, check. Skateboarding, check. Art, check. I’m honoured to contribute my own little joke to a great event and a great cause. My piece is inspired by my local priest, Father Tuble. His dedication to serving the hopeless skaters of our community is truly remarkable. He is a blessed soul. He deserves some heavy praise”

Julia Terry. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

Julia Terry

“I really wanted to be a part of this fundraiser for many reasons. It’s for a great cause—young people, including kickass girls who want to learn to skate now have the opportunity to do so through OSCA, For Pivot’s Sake and Girls+ Skate 613.

“I don’t skateboard myself, but skateboarding is an art form of its own and I truly appreciate it. I’m a freelance artist and I wanted to be able to showcase my work alongside other local talented artists. I went with an Egyptian theme for my skateboard. The ancient culture and aesthetics are inspiring to me. However, I wanted the woman to appear somewhat anonymous; hence the title of my work, ‘You know that Egyptian chick?’ I thank Birling and BTP Brewing for this awesome opportunity.”

David Coyne. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

David Coyne

“I run hard from my demons, and skateboarding has always given me that advantage to stay at arms’ length. Then beer is there when I feel like I just can’t keep it up, calling out ‘yes you can’ and ‘you’re the best guy ever.’ So, I owe it to the World to support an awesome event like this.

“Skating has improved my life in all the ways, from 12 to 44, providing discipline, culture, and community, and For Pivot’s Sake is amazing, delivering this gift to kids. Beyond the Pale’s ‘Pale Ale Project’ is my best beer friend, and might be the best in Canada, and I’m pretty grateful. I infused the deck with some of my demons, along with an existential meter that can help you count down the precious seconds of your life! I silkscreened over treated paint and then painted some stuff to ward off fruitless calm. Amazing, right?”

Shogo Shimizu. Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613.

Make sure to mark May 12 on your calendar so you don’t miss out on this unique and exciting event. It’s a family friendly event, so bring your children too and let them try skateboarding. There will be mentors from For Pivot’s Sake giving tips and tricks for the kids.

The artwork on these skateboards is incredibly well done and can be admired for hours. If you fall in love with a piece of art, you can take it home by bidding in the silent auction. If those things didn’t sell you enough on how fun this day is going to be well… have you tried Beyond The Pale’s beers? They are delicious and there will be more than enough for everyone. Hope to see you guys there in support!

The ‘All Hands On Deck’ skateboard art show and silent auction will take place at Beyond The Pale Brewery (106-250 City Centre) from 2–9pm on Saturday, May 12. Look to Facebook for more details.