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#FoodieFriday: Coffee and curios at CC’s Corner in Richmond

By Katie Shapiro on July 17, 2015


Cameron Kallos says that the two strangest things he has ever sold at CC’s Corner was a 1940’s portable electroshock therapy kit…and a 20 oz single decaf shot Americano. If this combination, coffee and curios, sounds strange to you, you’ll have to make your way out to Richmond to see just how well it works.

Husband and wife duo Cameron and Savannah Kallos have created something fun and unique in rural Ottawa. CC’s Corner is a small antique store within a coffee shop, and while they tend to not carry items that might be as extreme as electroshock therapy kits anymore, the intriguing array (everything from vintage maps to taxidermy) is more than enough to encourage some perusing while caffeinating.

CC's Corner (6)

This might be the furthest west you can find Bridgehead’s coffee beans in the city, and Cameron’s expertly pulled espresso could be worth the trip alone.  The locally made treats are curated as well as the antiques; there are milkshakes, cold brew floats, and plenty of baked goods that tempt. On Saturdays, stop in for pulled pork sandwiches or (and!) Suzy Q donuts.

Walking in to CC’s feels a bit like you’ve stumbled into a small museum, but the vibe is far from stuffy. With spinning records and friendly service setting the tone, this is a lovely place to linger. In contrast to the Irish tavern next door, a mischievous looking ice cream cone (made by Cameron, along with their awesome antler-adorned road sign) smiles beside a ruling that you “must be any age to enter” – and people of all ages truly are flocking to CC’s for something different and delicious.  Minnie the Mermaid has become a popular attraction amongst local kids (legend says that Minnie was found on the shores of the Jock River – and you’re not cool at school til you’ve seen her up close). Others come to flip through the stacks of vinyl, while some are just set on getting their sweet fix.

CC's Corner

A space like CC’s Corner was always part of the pair’s plan, though they had thought of it more as one for their retirement. Cameron jokes that they may have “jumped the gun” in opening their quirky shop, but business is good and no one seems to mind that the couple decided to bump their retirement plans up a few decades. Since opening, Cameron and Savannah have discovered that they hardly have to hunt anymore to find their goods; people from all over are coming to them with their rare and unique finds.

CC’s Corner is a spot where you’re guaranteed to find a great coffee and a bite to eat.  As for what else you might find when you visit…who knows?

CC’s Corner is located at 6 Lennox Street, in Richmond.  They are open Mon –Sat from 7am – 6pm and Sun from 8am – 6pm. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and special events. Can’t make it to the shop? Check out their Etsy page.