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Whiprsnapr Brewing. Photos: David Campion-Smith

Whiprsnapr has been releasing a new beer every week

By Apartment613 on August 23, 2019

David Campion-Smith is a writer and beer aficionado who works at Waller Street Brewing and Brew Donkey. 

Whiprsnapr Brewing Co. has been brewing up an ambitious and delicious project for 2019. Located in Bells Corners, the brewery has been releasing a new beer every week since the year began. The plan is to release 52 new beers this year. They just released number 31, a peach wheat beer.

The idea for the “Unfiltrd project” was sparked by a four-pack of Christmas beers released in December 2018. Each of the four beers featured a unique combination of flavours, and got everyone at the brewery thinking about making other unique releases. The team also wanted to work with Sasquatch, a new Canadian variety of hops. But why commit to such an intensive brewing cycle and concept? According to head brewer and owner Ian McMartin, they just wanted to “try and do it.”

The regular beers produced by Whiprsnapr use a 2000-litre brewing system, which is a pretty large amount of beer. “Unfiltrd project” beers are brewed on a 150-litre system. “It’s always good to try something new,” says Ian, and that smaller system, with its shorter fermentation time, lets them make more types of beer.

Whiprsnapr’s 150-litre brewing system allows them to brew small batches of beer.

Most breweries are considered fast-paced if they release a new beer a month. Coming up with recipes can involve a few rounds of trial and error as the recipe gets tweaked and perfected. Then there’s the time it takes to brew and ferment. According to Ian, beers in the Unfiltrd project take an average of two to three weeks to create, from brewing to sale.

The new beers are released on Fridays, and are typically out of stock by the end of the day. Each brew yields just eight or nine flats of cans and a 50-litre keg for the tap room. The weekly beers are already planned through October, and three of the September releases will include hops grown by Ian at his home.

Whiprsnapr’s already brewed a huge variety of beers, including an IPA left to partially freeze overnight, a smoked habanero beer, and a “grog” using rum from North of 7 distillery. With just over four months left in the year, there’s plenty of time to head over to the brewery and try some of these unique beers for yourself.

Whiprsnapr Brewing Co. is located at 14 Bexley Place, unit 106 in Bells Corners. The taproom is open Wednesday and Thursday from 12-6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am-9pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm. They also offer tours starting at 3pm on Saturdays. $10/person includes a one-hour tour of the brewery along with a flight of four 4-oz beers. Please email to book ahead.