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Photos by G. Leopold

Foodie Friday: The Captain’s Boil

By Apartment613 on April 21, 2017

Post by Coumba Kante of

Are you a seafood lover or an adventurous person who enjoys trying out new experiences? If so, prepare yourself cause Ottawa is welcoming a new seafood joint known as The Captain’s Boil. It’s a seafood boil chain restaurant that has already opened locations in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and now Ottawa! They promise to become your favourite seafood restaurant while having you feast like a pirate and dine like a captain.

IMG_4148The Captain’s Boil is located at 354 Elgin Street, right at the corner of Frank and Elgin. It’s a two-level restaurant, but we were restricted to the floor-level given it was a soft opening event. As soon as you’re seated, you’ll notice the subtle sea theme throughout the restaurant. The theme is present with subtle pops of blue, a wooden wall engraved with sea creatures, wooden accents and thick twisted ropes reminiscent of boat lines. Necessary tools such as plastic bibs and plastic gloves (instead of cutlery) will be provided to eat with because pirates didn’t use cutlery Arrr!! They also provide crab crackers and scissors when ordering crab legs. A waiter quickly explained how the menu works and what was available given the seasonal nature of some seafood.

AppleMarkThe main feature is the seafood boil which consists of selecting your choice of seafood then selecting a flavour mix followed by choosing the heat level. The choice of seafood available was baby clams, mussels, king crab legs and shrimp however they also have crawfish, Dungeness crab, and snow crab legs on their menu. The seafood is boiled or steamed and then thoroughly mixed with a flavour of your choice in a plastic bag. You have a choice of four flavours including Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Sauce and Captain’s Boil, which is a combination of the three flavours. There are many side options to choose from such as potatoes, corn, okra, lotus root, Cajun fries, and seafood fried rice to name a few. They are also several chicken options available for those who may not want seafood.

We ordered mussels and king crab legs with the Captain’s Boil flavour, as well as Cajun seafood fried rice and Cajun fries. The mussels arrived quickly, steaming and tasted fresh and plump. The Captain’s Boil flavour was delightful and complemented the freshness of the mussels and crab legs really well. The Cajun Seafood Fried Rice, although tasty, should be renamed Cajun Shrimp Fried Rice because it only consisted of shrimp and no other seafood. The Cajun fries were spicy and crispy but be careful if you don’t like spicy food.

I enjoyed the interactive experience of this restaurant, where you’re using your hands (covered in gloves) to eat, open the seafood shells, and scoop out extra sauce. It gets you really involved with your food even though it could get messy. I’ve always wanted to try a southern seafood boil à la New Orleans and although I have yet to do it, I’m glad Ottawa has welcomed The Captain Boil, which has somewhat given me an idea of what it could be like.

The Captain’s Boil is located at 354 Elgin Street. For hours, check their site.