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DCBC hosts an outdoor brew fest in the dead of winter—02.08.20

By Jordan Duff on January 31, 2020

Rooted in Place is the forthcoming epically ambitious beer event put on by the friendly folks over at Dominion City Brewing Co. Scheduled for February 8 here in Ottawa, the party will celebrate our city in an unlikely time of year: the dead of winter.

Beer, porta-potties and long johns aren’t an inherent mix but Dominion Brewing is up to the challenge. Brewery co-founder Josh McJannett is excited to battle the chilly elements with good brews.

“Winter truly feels like Ottawa’s natural state and we loved the idea of gathering against the cold and the dark with good people, beer, and ideas,” said McJannett. “Don’t worry, festival-goers will be invited to appreciate the frozen landscape from inside heated tents and our taproom.”

The event aims to be a true celebration of breweries and beer. They have invited 22 breweries from throughout Ontario plus another 15 Canadian and international breweries. This is an independent brewer’s festival. Dominion City drew inspiration from beer events their staff attended and wanted to create the type of party that they’d want to be invited to.

“We loved the idea of imagining, creating, and seeing something through ourselves. One thing we felt strongly about was an all-inclusive model for the festival, which means no tokens are required to sample a beer,” said McJannett. “This is a common approach to festivals we’ve attended and enjoyed both here in Canada and abroad.”

Hosting a festival without beer tokens allows for more time sampling and enjoying beer and good company instead of standing in more lines.

Winter truly feels like Ottawa’s natural state and we loved the idea of gathering against the cold and the dark with good people, beer, and ideas.

The resurgence of independent breweries has brought to life some great stories of entrepreneurship and Ottawa has been fortunate to see so many of these small businesses grow and succeed. Rooted in Place is a celebration of this diversity within the brewing industry.

“[We aim to build] a place to showcase and enjoy delicious beer made with passion, focus, and intent that reflects the diversity, imagination, and terroir of the artisanal beer scene from around the world”, said McJannett. “We love the idea that small brewers like us can stand apart from the forces of commodification that have influenced so much of beer’s recent past and which frankly still cloud its future. Nature abhors a monoculture and Rooted In Place is intended as a celebration of the innate diversity and variation that results from brewers seeking inspiration from the things indigenous to them.”

The brewery has a strong track record with successful get-togethers like Dominion Day and birthday celebrations. Expect the team to put on a warm, welcoming beer-centric party February at the brewery.

Tickets and details for Rooted in Place beer festival are available here.