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Ottawa Pizza Podcast releases its first season finale

By Apartment613 on April 29, 2022

By Tyler and Steph of Ottawa Pizza Podcast.

Hi friends! We are Tyler and Steph, the hosts of the Ottawa Pizza Podcast—a show in which two friends try pizza from Ottawa pizza places to determine whether the pizza is, as we say, good, just okay, or downright bad. Over the course of our first season, we’ve discovered that we almost always think the pizza is good, but sometimes the answer is “it’s not bad.” If you haven’t already guessed, we are not professional food critics, but rather two people who just like a good pie.

We’re particularly interested in what we (and many others) dub the “Ottawa Style” of pizza. This pizza is thick, greasy, and heavy on the cheese. It’s also been referred to as “Lebanese-style Pizza” because, more often than not, this style of pizza comes from a family shop owned and operated by people of Lebanese descent. We think this style of pizza is amazing, and it deserves to be revered right alongside the best any American city’s type has to offer. We’ve also been informed that this kind of pizza is not only unique to Ottawa but also to Halifax, which is something we don’t have the energy to dispute but hope to investigate further in the near future.

Ottawa Pizza Podcast. Photo provided.

After five or so episodes of eating delicious Ottawa-style (and other-style) pizza, we realized the amount of pizza we were eating was most definitely killing us (physically, emotionally, and financially). At this point, we thought it would be prudent to take a little (body) break. Therefore, we are now in our detox season, and after a couple of months, we’ll be back and ready for round two.

So, to close things out, we attempt to answer a question that has plagued Ottawans since the log drivers parked their first logs: Is there a difference between 1 for 1 Pizza and 2 for 1 Pizza? Is it truly two pies for the price of only one? Is 1 for 1 nothing more than a lesson in basic economics? Who will reign supreme in this epic battle? Only we have the bravery to find the answers to these questions, and while we truly cannot remember at this point whether we actually find those answers, we are certain that we at least recorded the process. Here are a few of our thoughts about what went down:

Tyler: “This was, without any exaggeration, the single most difficult thing I have ever attempted in my entire life. That is partly because eating this much pizza was a chore, and partly because I have led a blessed and charmed life, free from conflict or hardship.”

Steph: “Did I need to get up at 2am to take Tums? Yes, I did. Did I break 14 years of vegetarianism for this episode? Maybe. Was this episode a huge mistake? Maybe.”

Our grand finale is out now, wherever podcasts are listened to! We hope you like it, and as always: We love you (and pizza).