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Foodie Friday: Michael’s Dolce creates symphony in a jar

By Jason Myerson on February 19, 2016

Photo from Michael's Dolce Facebook page.

Photo from Michael’s Dolce Facebook page.

Michael Sunderland is the creator of Michael’s Dolce, a local business that works alongside farmers across the province to produce the most desirable jams, syrups, and sriracha sauces you’ve yet to try.

I first met Michael about a year ago while exploring the depths of a secret (shhh) ice cave, in Quebec. With a friendly extended hand and gripping a camera in the other; Michael had the look of an excited explorer in his eyes as his smile genuinely rose to greet mine. We were with a group of mutual friends at the time and the first thing that I remember him saying was, “Hey, want to try something delicious?” After a dose of dextrose comatose while having chocolate brownie undoubtedly smudged across my cheek, I remember admiring the man who would become a host even outside of his abode.

When I recently met up with the jaminator again, he had the same glow of positivity about him, but this time with a fist full of steel. Spoons that is. Michael slid around the kitchen with the spirit of a child excited to show me his concoctions. I literally felt younger being in his presence. He began explaining his latest creation from colour to texture to taste. Michael made the contemplative comparison of starting from a single ingredient, to that of having a single member to a symphony. He explained, that when you pay careful attention and begin to understand how things work together, you can cultivate a greater experience with each new layer added. Michael has created just that, a symphony in a jar with his latest creation: Lemon Ginger Marmalade.

I took Michael’s Lemon Ginger Marmalade to the only man I knew who could give it a proper tasting, my father. With a long lineage of marmalade spreading, Malcolm the Marmateer Myerson swearing under his breath from the zip, zest, heat and sweet, looked up at me as if I had just told him that he was about to be a grandfather. The more I share of Michael’s products I come to realize they would be to an advantage to pair with bad news, a job interview, a reunion, or any other reasons to mediate, promulgate, or exponentiate the conditions of a situation. When the potency of products are produced from the passion for the confectionary craft, you get Michael’s Dolce.  

You can find Michael’s jams, syrups, and sriracha all across Ontario, but here’s a few familiar locations: La Bottega (Byward market), Ottawa Bagel Shop (Westboro village),  and Seed to Sausage (Centretown). However if you want to find Michael himself, check out caves, bridges, forests, museums, abandoned structures, community events and everything you wish you were doing.

If you happen to love food and photography like me, you can find both on Michael’s Dolce Instagram and Twitter.