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Foodie Friday: Making the Link – Sausages and Beer

By Jordan Duff on August 28, 2015

Aren’t sausage puns the wurst?

Beer and sausages: a perfect pairing. Below I’d like to call attention to two venues in Ottawa’s east end where you can indulge your palate with these two German delicacies.

Beechwood’s newly opened Clarkstown Kitchen and Bar (formerly El Mason) has modernized the historical beer and sausage marriage and taken it to the next level with craft beer and artisinal sausages. The out-of-this-world in-house sausage creations include Lamb & Rosemary, Pork Cilantro & Citrus, Beef Short-rib & Orange and Chicken Lemongrass. They are all bangin’ bangers, there’s no wrong choice here. Locals like Dominion City, Kichesippi and Big Rig are among the 20+ craft beers available via draught, bottle, can and growler. I think the DCBC Earl Grey Marmalade Saison and Beef Short-rib sausage is a combo worth exploring, but feel free to create your own pairings. And even though it doesn’t fit with the theme of this article, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a word about the gnocchi: simply put, they are the softest tiny clouds of butternut happiness you’ll ever experience.

This isn’t restaurateur Andre Cloutier’s first rodeo, the Beechwood Gastro Pub and Arturo’s were also his creations, and his veteran touch is evident. I was fortunate enough to attend a soft opening and observed a steady pace of diverse diners all enjoying their meals and drinks, I’d suggest reservations after the grand opening to ensure you get a seat. The restaurant manages to be sophisticated without being pretentious and provides a welcoming atmosphere. If you are wondering who “Clark” is (I did), the Clarkstown name of the establishment pays homage to the area’s history: Clarkstown was a small village founded in the 1880s that amalgamated into Eastview by 1909 before becoming Vanier and now Ottawa.

Now to switch gears.

There is something so fitting about watching baseball and tipping back a pint of beer. Like most Canadians, I’ve inadvertently come down with a bad case of Blue Jays Fever (or possibly a mild strain of Avian Bird Flu). Now, while I could suggest the best brews to enjoy on your couch while listening to Buck Martinez, instead I’d like to invite you to get your baseball fix locally at an Ottawa Champions game. Please note, I am really banking on the team winning the race to 4th and slipping into the playoffs or else this recommendation will be short-lived…

Kichesippi and Clocktower are the local beer suppliers to the games. This is extra refreshing for those Ottawa sports fans that have searched high and low for the few hidden Beau’s options at Redblacks games or mulled over the “choices” of Molson products at Senators games. But I digress. For me, the crispness of a cold Kichesippi Blonde is perfect for a ball game. A Champions Jumbo Hotdog is the best pairing with this beer and it let’s your friends know that you’ve given up on the summer beach body. Local beer and a giant hotdog: The only thing that would make this more “classic baseball” is if Ray Liotta emerged from a cornfield and delivered it to your seat (*Warning: Field of Dreams reference). For the more refined ballgame attendee, there are also some weightier brews, such as Wishart’s English Special Bitter: Try it with a Philly Steak Sandwich and then see if you can get up out of your seat for the 7th inning stretch!

So there you go –  two very different suggestions to get your local brew and frank fix. Now get out there and try them!