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Foodie Friday: For a healthy meal, check out Pure Kitchen

By Meg Marshall on May 1, 2015

Look out Ottawa foodies, there is a new vegetarian restaurant in town called Pure Kitchen. Food lovers of all sorts are going to love the atmosphere, staff, vibe and of course the food. Think vibrant, artsy, energetic, tasty, and healthy. These are all accurate observations to describe this new restaurant.  Whether grabbing a shake after a workout, meeting up with friends for a healthy meal or even having a first date, Pure Kitchen is welcoming to everyone. I recently got to connect with one of the owners, Amber Straton to discuss the Pure brand and the new restaurant including some of her favourite menu items.

Balanced ShakeHow Pure is Pure Kitchen?

Pure Kitchen is an addition to the Pure family. Originally, Stratton states, “the Pure brand started with yoga  and then evolved into all of the things that we love…We wanted to grow a brand into more of a lifestyle.” Pure Yoga has done extremely well, as it expanded and opened a second location. The restaurant has only been open for a handful of months, but it is always hopping and many people are raving about it.

On the food note, all of the ingredients strive to be pure, local and organic. The seasonality of Canada, as Stratton notes, poses some challenges because it is hard to find certain ingredients during the cold winter months. Things like local avocado growers in January are non-existent..  Everyday, all of the food and menu items are prepared right from scratch at the restaurant by the fun and charming staff.

Calling Westboro Home

It only makes sense that the restaurant is located in close proximity to one of its sister establishments, Pure Yoga. After a class, people can take a three minute walk to Pure Kitchen and indulge in a shake or nutritious snack. The Westboro community is known for being an “active health conscious neighborhood,” states Stratton.  Both Pure Yoga and Pure Kitchen fit right in. I have called ahead and placed an order for lunch, since I work nearby. There is no need for me to feel guilty about it though because the wraps and shakes are healthy and delicious!

Business Realities

Stratton and her business partner Jen Dalgleish have a strong yet amazing bond that has helped them through many experiences while opening up their first studio together.  Stratton explained, “We were literally hit with every challenge you could imagine. From issues with our fit up, to lawyers, to leases, you name it – it happened!”  When you walk into any one of the Pure yoga locations or the restaurant, they seem to operate like well oiled machines and have outstanding friendliness and positivity surrounding them. Hard work certainly pays off. Statton and Dalgleish are so proud of the community that they have built and it only keeps growing.

Give Peas

What to Eat

Everything on the menu is vegetarian. Meat lovers, you won’t be disappointed as there are many meat alternative options like a mushroom burger. My personal favourite menu item, and one of Stratton’s too, is the baked quinoa onion rings. You have to order them early, because they tend to sell out quickly.  The shakes are pretty tasty, and made to order. Also, Like Stratton, I love the wraps. The Vibrant wrap is the only one I have eaten and would order it again as the curried chic peas, greens, tomato and carrots are nicely done.

So as the catchy and witty T-shirts found on the back of staff advise, “Give Peas a Chance” and “Lettuce Turnip the Beats”. Everyone working at Pure Kitchen is always in great spirits. The clean, modern yet vibrant décor of the restaurant make it an attractive place to visit.  Clear some space on your calendar and make reservations ahead of time if possible.  Enjoy a meal at Pure Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed!

Onion Rings

Pure Kitchen Ottawa is located at 357 Richmond. They are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. Call 613-680-5500 to make a reservation or order take-out. You can download the menu from their website.