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Flora Hall Brewing cooks Luke, Linette and Derrick. Photos provided by Flora Hall.

Smoky Sundays pairs beer and BBQ at Flora Hall

By Jordan Duff on July 19, 2019

Flora Hall Brewing, in its short two years, has always aimed to create a gathering place: good beer and a social atmosphere. Anyone who has visited their space can attest that they’ve done a commendable job creating that vibe.

“Flora wants to create a place – a gathering spot, a community hub,” says owner Dave Longbottom, “Part and parcel of that vision was to provide food that reinforces a sense of home, friends and family. Comfort food with bold flavours. Casual food that is easy to consume while socializing.”

A new weekly Sunday southern BBQ event, Smoky Sundays, has been launched to compliment culture they are creating. It includes a fantastic array of meat plus fixin’s, from brisket, to fried smoked chicken and smoked chicken wings, shrimp, biscuits, baked beans, slaw – all of it made from scratch weekly. They even provide a southern-style vegan dish every week too!

Many have been hoping for such a pairing since Popeyes Chicken opened up the hill from Dominion City Brewing Co. Finally they are under one heritage roof.

The kitchen game at Flora was already strong, and adding a smoker to their repertoire has helped them level up. But still, they are a brewery first and foremost and have a few seasonals that will be released through the summer.

Aside from their core six beers, Flora just dropped the first in a series of single hop beers, presently a Denali DDH Pale Ale, and will release another later in the summer featuring Azacca hops. There is also a sherbet sour series, currently Raspberry Peach, that will rotate and brew with local fruits through the season. And the Norwegian Kveik Pale Ale is making a long-awaited return.

Beer and BBQ are a fantastic pairing and that is why southern-style cooking was chosen for these Sunday gatherings. Longbottom explains, “BBQ pairs beautifully with beer – in particular the NE IPA and American Oat Pale Ale where the citrus and tropical nose stands up to smoke and heat and amplify the fruit in the hardwoods we use. But for the fans of malt, the bitter, brown ale and oatmeal stout pair equally well to the bold bbq flavours. Sours are also popular accompaniments as they balance beautifully against the richness of both the brisket and the fried chicken.”

For the readers that are concerned they have missed their chance to enjoy Flora’s weekly southern BBQ, Longbottom reassures us: “We are building a Sunday BBQ following that suggests to me that it will be on for a long long time to come”

Breweries in Ottawa are always innovating and trying new pairings or events. Sunday BBQ sounds like a great addition to the busy summer schedule.

Flora Hall Brewing is located at 37 Flora Street, at Bank. Visit their website for their hours and menus, and check them out on Instagram @florahallbeer for the latest beer offerings.