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Foodie Friday: Flapjack’s, lumberjacks and a touch of maple syrup

By Emily Shoff on January 17, 2014

The one (and probably only) downside to food blogging is the mere fact that you are hungry ALL THE TIME.  So as I salivated over my keyboard during this post, I jaunted over to Flapjack’s for a customized stack of pancakes.

A food truck dedicated to rendering the iconic Canadian Sunday morning breakfast, Corey Sauve and Max Anisman, owners of the food truck go beyond the standard buttermilk pancake and maple syrup marriage.  A culinary playground, Flapjack’s satisfies any craving in one stack…or two…or three. The plaid deckled lumberjacks who whip up these tasty morsels understand that “people love the idea of going into a place and not having to choose from a set menu, they like the idea of being able to eat what they want to eat”, says Sauve.

And so the ‘Apt613’ was born. The pancake that is. Raisins, bacon crumble & dark chocolate chips. Now before you scroll up to see who’s playing at Maverick’s this weekend, hear me out. I did say bacon after all.

The ‘Apt613’ was inspired by the sixth ‘fruity’ item on the menu, the first ‘savory’ and the third ‘sweet’ ingredient tossed into the gluten-free pancake batter.  You heard me!  A fool-proof gluten-free delicacy. Our mishmash is wholesome, its fashion-forward, its revolutionary and surprisingly delicious! Melted dark chocolate smeared through the oaty batter is balanced by hints of salty bacon and plump raisins.  Damn.  Hot damn.

This isn’t your traditional full stack, Flapjack’s is unique to the Ottawa food scene and Canadian fare. Sauve insists you “spice up our pancakes to make them into a meal or you can sweeten up our pancakes to make them into dessert”.

Flapjacks Photo (2)Don’t mind if I do.

And while you wait to console your stomach with the ‘Apt613’ or any of the Flapjack combinations including the ‘Banana Log Splitter’ and their most popular request, the ‘Breakfast Panwich’, relax into the “sugar cabin feel” that is as equally wholesome as their menu.

Nestled down the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s alley way in the Glebe, you’ll step into a mildly woodsy location with faint folk music and a cheerful lumberjack to greet AND cook for you.

Get ‘em while they’re hot! Flapjack’s are planning to take their personalized lumberjack cuisine across the city, with plans for a second location coming in March and thereafter will trail across the Canadian landscape, popping up Flapjack food trucks, sugar cabins and in-store locations. An Ottawa-born biz, Flapjack’s is bringing a Canadian classic to life in the era of customization and food truck sensation.