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Beau’s annual feBREWary numbs the bitter cold of winter

By Jordan Duff on February 2, 2018

A glimmer of hope through the desolate bitter cold of Ottawa’s winter: feBREWary has arrived.

The genesis of this simple month-ish long celebration is the realization that there is a better way to get through Ottawa’s cold winter – namely with a warming beerFor five weeks, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. releases a new one-off beer available at the brewery or at participating partner restaurants and bars.

Years ago, while living in southwest Ontario, I recall this February event attracting me to Beau’s only participating location in Waterloo: Nick and Nat’s. Each week, I sampled the newest one-off and… maybe also a couple reminders of the previous week’s beer as well. If not for feBREWary, I’d likely never have discovered the restaurant.

Last year’s feBREWary window dressings at Café Nostalgica.

Turns out, I’m not the only one. While the idea behind feBREWary was a quirky concept launched by the brewery, over the years Beau’s has learned that wintertime can be a slow time for all local restaurants and bars. This event helps drive a little traffic in from the cold. There are now more than 350 locations across Ontario and Quebec that are participating in feBREWary.

Mulligans Golf Bar, for instance, is a downtown Ottawa location which enjoys the event. “This is our second year activating feBREWary at Mulligans since our inception in spring 2016,” says Andrew Grace, co-owner. “Not only do our guests enjoy the unique variety of home-run-hitting beers, but our chefs draw inspiration from the flavours when designing our weekly features. We’re all very excited to see what the team puts together for us this year.”

Here’s the list of participating locations so you can discover a new watering-hole.


The first beer out of the gate will be Ninho do Corvo, a robust coconut porter designed in collaboration with Brazil’s Weird Barrel. Next in line is Cherry Revue, a tart fruit gose. Week Three sees Belgian-style Black Ale, a combination of dark malt and chocolate with Belgian spiciness. The fourth week gets weird with Do No Evil Sake Lager, aged on oak which has been soaked in sake. Finally, the fifth and final week of feBREWary releases Cavalier Bleu Blueberry I.P.A. which is brewed with juice from wild Québec blueberries.

I find the weekly checkpoints really help get through winter’s last hurdle. Next thing you know, it’s March 10th, you’ve made it to Beau’s St. Patty’s and the sun isn’t setting before you get home from work!

Thanks from Apt613 to Beau’s for making our longest shortest month a little more tolerable…