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Foodie Friday: Dishcrawl your way to new culinary heights in Hintonburg

By Dylan Barnabe on September 13, 2013

What does the best of Wellington West have to offer?

Dishcrawl, the North American start-up dining experience founded on bringing foodies together, returns to Hintonburg on September 18. Participants, or “dishcrawlers” as they are affectionately dubbed, tour four local restaurants in and around the Hingtonburg area as they make their merry way through some of the neighbourhood’s finest eateries.

Restaurants are kept secret until two days before the event, at which time the first restaurant is revealed to guests. Though tickets to the upcoming tour have sold out like—pardon the pun—hotcakes, another tour will take place on October 200 for those interested in attending.

Among those looking forward to embarking on the evening’s culinary quest is Chanelle Foisy, a self-professed foodie and hip Hintonburg local.

“As the Ottawa Dishcrawl Ambassador, I get to do what I love—connecting with food lovers and restaurant owners over a good meal.”

Chanelle, the main organizer behind the two tours, will lead groups of up to 40 individuals through the streets and side doors of Hintonburg’s culinary haunts.

“It’s essentially a restaurant pub-crawl,” says Chanelle. “Guests get to interact with fellow foodies while sampling dishes from each restaurant, allowing them to try something new that they may not have had the chance to otherwise.”

She’s confident ticket holders won’t be disappointed with the flavourful fare.

“From what I’ve sampled, everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised with what the night has in store food-wise,” she says. “I’m also excited to meet and interact with all of the guests, who are a mix of bloggers, creative talent, media personalities and food lovers.”

For Chanelle, good food has always been a part of her life.

“In school, I was the kid with the weird, healthy lunches,” she laughs. “While at the time I was always hoping to find rainbow-coloured bread in my lunchbox, I can now say that I’m grateful for my mother’s dedication to healthy eating and trying new things.”

And trying new things is definitely on the menu at any Dishcrawl event. With so many great restaurants popping up in and around Wellington West in recent years, the caliber of the cuisine has provided residents of Ottawa with an abundance of the “spice of life”—variety.

“When it comes down to it,” says Chanelle. “Where else in Ottawa can you get a donut, a taco and oysters all on the same block?”

Amen to that. All hail Hintonburg!

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