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Foodie Friday: Brew Brahs interview Whitewater Brewing Company, *Spoiler new brewpub alert!

By Jordan Duff on May 15, 2015

By now, the good beer-loving people of Ottawa have probably enjoyed the fine brews arriving from Whitewater Brewing Company from their roasted Midnight Stout to their even-keeled Whistling Paddler English Special Bitter. But for those who like to take their brew adventures to the next level, did you know that WBC has their own brewpub? It’s true. Roadtrip!

Smartly, the entrepreneurial gentlemen behind the WBC have upped their game and created a destination brewpub that pairs craft beer with the area’s fantastic outdoors recreational offerings. With the number of visitors that were travelling a fair distance to visit the brewery, the WBC team felt this offering would make the drive more worthwhile. The brewpub (22 Fletcher Rd, Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0) opened in July of last year and, after a winter of hibernation, is ready to embrace the warm weather with fine foods, live entertainment, an authentic atmosphere and delicious beer.

The pub exists as an Ottawa Valley showcase. From the food to the beer to the décor, the idea is to promote the very best the Valley has to offer. The menu is made up of simple classics taken to the next level: for example the pizza dough uses spent grains from the brewing process and the many sauces and accoutrements are created using WBC beer. Brilliant.


True to their whitewater rafting roots (rafting is how the owners initially met), the brewpub is a mere 10 minute walk from some of the biggest whitewater in North America. Rafting resorts are only a 10 minute drive away. Time your next visit right and you’ll be there for the World Freestyle Championships on the closest rapid this summer!

Currently, the pub is open Fridays for dinner and Saturday/Sunday for lunch and dinner. Thursday dinner and Friday lunch will be added in May and then its full steam ahead in June as they open all week long. Check ahead for live music on Fridays and Saturdays. And if music isn’t your thing, there is a wide variety of past events the pub has hosted, including comedians, charity events, yoga, burlesque and donuts (that’s both donuts and burlesque, same event!), hypnotists, and more.

As for the beer you’ll find at the pub, you can expect the best variety and availability of all their seasonals and casked brews. If you need your Whitewater fix in the Ottawa area, they are on tap at two-dozen bars. Failing that, you can find the Farmer’s Daughter blonde in select Beer Stores (I suggest using the product search). Keep your head up, as there will be several Summer releases later this year including a rhubarb wheat (which I am personally very excited for!), a ginger wheat and a blueberry blonde. Of course the ever-refreshing Farmer’s Daughter’s Melons will also be available at the sunniest patios, making patrons blush as they attempt to order this watermelon blonde.

So next time you’re in the mood for a classic night out: pairing spent-grain pizza with beer and burlesque with crullers; try Whitewater Brewing’s new brewpub.

Jordan Duff is a regular contributor over at, where they talk about everything beer. You can find them on Twitter.