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Photo courtesy of Beau's

Celebrate St. Pat’s with buds and Beau’s—02.16.19 at Aberdeen Pavilion

By Jordan Duff on March 8, 2019


St. Patrick’s Day 2019 is on a Sunday—the worst day to celebrate this annual day of Irish heritage and beer. At least on a weekday you can sneak out early with the coworkers for a celebratory drink, but, Sunday? Just the worst.

Beau’s to the rescue. You can celebrate all things green on an appropriate Saturday at the Beau’s St Patrick’s Party.

This event, now in its fourth year, takes place at the Aberdeen Pavilion and has sold out every year. It’s like a more urban, less German version of their famed Beau’s Oktoberfest party.

Photo courtesy of Beau’s

Josh Gottlieb, Beau’s signature event producer, explains the essence of the annual celebration: “We have so much fun putting St. Pat’s together every year for Ottawa and honestly, can’t wait for March 16th to get here. Just like Beau’s Oktoberfest, our guiding light is to throw the kinds of parties we would want to go to. Then the people who come out bring everything else we need for an amazing time.”

“We have so much fun putting St. Pat’s together… our guiding light is to throw the kinds of parties we would want to go to.”

The family-friendly event is a great excuse to celebrate all things Irish-ish and enjoy some non-green beer. Beau’s will have all five feBREWary beers available plus some rare treats. Beau’s sister brewery Halcyon will have six sours available and friends-of-Beau’s guest breweries will also be sending rare beers to the party.

On top of the beer, St. Pats also brings together music, food, activities plus 2,000 drinkin’ buddies under one roof.

This year’s musical headliners will be Kingston’s Irish-punk band The Mahones. The day will also feature music by Irish Moutarde and The Beatdown, plus (!) impromptu, and unrequested, performances of “Danny Boy” by random inebriated gentlemen.

Food vendors include Bowman’s Bar & Grill, Mulligans Golf Bar, Ministry of Coffee, plus Pascale’s Ice Cream—who always bring interesting beer-infused treats!

You can even bend an elbow with Ottawa’s most famed leg, as the 2019 guest of honour will be RedBlacks kicker and CFL rookie of the year, Lewis Ward.

Final note—the #BeausStPats ticket provides free OC Transpo access that day.

Beau’s St. Pat’s party is taking place at Aberdeen Pavilion (Lansdowne Park) from 12pm–10pm on Saturday March 16, 2019. Tickets cost $29 for adults and $5 for children. Visit for details.