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Foodie Friday: A by-the-numbers recap of Makin’ It Grain

By Jordan Duff on November 6, 2015


Dominion City’s Makin’ It Grain event was the fitting bookend to a wonderful Support Local Month here in Ottawa aka “Heart City”. Their charity-supporting 5-course dinner brought together local artisans and created a fantastic engaging evening. I’m still wearing my belt a couple notches looser…

There have already been some fantastic words said about the event so I’ll be brief and give you a quick by the numbers recap:

Dollars raised for FarmWorks: 3,000
Artisans involved: 5
Dinner Attendees: 107
New beers: 2
Art: 90% sold
Servings: 650+
Musicians in a jazz duo: 2
Plates broken: Many

The collaborative nature of the event went beyond just the artisans and artists that provided an all-senses experience; the shared plates and harvest-style tables provided many chances to get to know your neighbours.

Hats off to those who pulled off the ambitious and successful event. And if you are by the brewery, make sure to try the two beers introduced at the dinner: Heart City Hopfenweisse and Supermoon Saison.

Finally, check out the collaborators involved: Eryn O’Neill; Around The Block Butcher Shop; The Albion Rooms; Bread By Us; and Dominion City Brewing Co.