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New Flying Hórses album Reverie speaks loudly without saying a word

By Amanda Armstrong on April 5, 2019

Flying Hórses aka Jade Bergeron’s second album, Reverie, made its way into the world at the end of winter 2019. Through Reverie, Bergeron conveys a wide breadth of emotions so eloquently; themes that speak loudly, without ever having to say a word.

The album takes you on a journey felt by your heart, as Bergeron plays you songs of her own. We gave the album a listen and let Jade lead our hearts through Reverie’s musical voyage.

“Homebound” is a song that evokes the distant sadness one feels when leaving a place behind, especially a place you felt would become home. It is one last glance at a place that is on one hand so familiar, but already so different than the idea you had created for yourself.

“Comfort” takes you back to a distant memory and a feeling that leaves you warm, although you can’t quite return to. It is the feeling of watching home movies from your childhood and people you haven’t seen in some time.

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“Unsettled” may leave you feeling exactly that. Hurried piano plays on top of a softer, more calm cello, mimicking the internal feelings one can have that do not always line up with what is happening on the surface. It is a sunny day, all the while storm clouds are brewing on the inside.

“Fearless” conjures the bravery required when faced with a difficult decision, with outcomes that are, upon initial thought, not positive. We must all make difficult choices in this life and “Fearless” takes you through the process of preparing yourself to take action, even if all you want to do is run in the opposite direction.

“It isn’t as necessary to have a filter on the darkness.”

For Bergeron, Reverie “is a heartbreak record, everyone has one.” It eases you into feeling things that you may typically shy away from allowing yourself to feel, but that is what makes this album so beautiful. Reverie shows you that “it isn’t as necessary to have a filter on the darkness.” The layered sounds and timbres of piano, cello, vibraphone, and music boxes demonstrate the complexity of our emotional worlds. No feeling ever exists in isolation.

For those anxiously awaiting an opportunity to experience Reverie live, Flying Hórses will be announcing their album release show in Ottawa in the coming weeks.

Reverie was released via Bonsound, the Montreal record label Flying Hórses was signed to in 2018. Flying Hórses’ debut album, Tölt, was recorded in Iceland in 2016. Read up on Tölt in our 2017 interview with Bergeron. You can purchase both albums online at Bandcamp and in record stores around town.