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Fevers present their revamped live show at The Black Sheep this Friday

By Jean McLernon on March 19, 2014

In preparation for my interview with Fevers, I put on their newest album No Room for Light and ended up listening to it for two days straight. Their music is the perfect balance of electro-indie pop that you can both relax and dance to. On top of being incredibly talented, the band is also impossibly humble about their music. Supporting vocalist Colin Macdougall sat down with me for a phone interview to tell me why they were trying to change this mindset. “It’s a very humble group of people, and that makes us very dynamic as a band. But the fear is that you undervalue yourself as a performer.”

Fevers has reason to shed their reserved persona. The band has been together since early 2011, and since releasing their EP Passion is Dead they have played in festivals across Ontario and shared the stage with some incredible performers. Included in the list was The Joy Formidable, and watching their performance was a turning point for the band. “They just… They just killed it. Their stage presence was just huge.” MacDougall says. The band realized then that they need to bring more of a performance aspect to their shows.

“We don’t want to go and ‘act’; it’s more a focus on the parts of who we are that we really want to shine through. We’re trying to have a bit more of a persona.” MacDougall says, “Nothing groundbreaking or particularly novel, but trying to get beyond getting up on stage and re-producing our record. It’s a very common thing for bands to do, and I think we were falling into that trap.”

The band plays at The Black Sheep this Friday, Mar. 21 in Wakefield. As a true testament to their love for their fans, they hired a bus to shuttle fans to Wakefield and back. What can the fans expect for making the trip? “We kind of have a new look, new approach to the live show. We kind of went underground a bit to try to move up a notch or two on the live performance.”

MacDougall says, “adding more visual elements- we’re adding a light show to it. We also spent a bit more time focusing on how we lay ourselves out on the stage, how we interact with one another and how we interact with the audience.” The Black Sheep serves as a test run for Fevers attempt at a new persona as its familiar territory for them. Fevers has played the Sheep twice before, and it’s a favored venue for them.

In preparation for the show, the band has changed the layout of their rehearsals to better mimic a staged performance. “Not in a circle where we all look at each other, but actually set it up more like it’s going to be on stage. We always do a little pre-show pep talk, and do a better job of talking ourselves into the moment. We normally say ‘This is great, we love each other, let’s not take for granted that we get to play shows for people’,” He says. Hopefully the band will be able to shed their sheepish demeanor this Friday, as they certainly don’t lack in talent.

You can follow the band on twitter @feversband and both albums are available on iTunes, as well as on their website.

Fevers plays this Friday, Mar. 21 2014 at The Black Sheep in Wakefield. Pony Girl opens the show. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online. Their shuttle bus leaves the Museum of Nature at 8pm sharp, load in @ 7:30pm.