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Photo courtesy of the band.

FET.NAT release new EP today, debut fresh sound

By Jared Davidson on March 22, 2016





It’s been almost two years since we’ve heard new recordings from Fet.Nat, a band that has cut itself a niche in Gatineau’s music scene with its raw, experimental, jammy sound. Poule Mange Poule, the band’s last album, was characterized by a mix of rock drums, echo-pedaled guitar, brass, and strange, off-kilter sounds. It showed the band at its most playful, and left fans eagerly awaiting more.

Now that wait is over. Their new EP titled Please Stop Saying It’s So Beautiful is out today and the band will be stopping in at Le Temporaire in Gatineau on March 26 as part of their release tour. The show’s being put on by Debaser, an outfit that is quickly gaining a reputation for some of the best organized shows in the area, and will feature performances by Bonnie Doon and Carbe, in addition to a set from Fet. Nat.

PSSISB will be for sale at the event. The EP sounds to be more in line with the direction the band has been taking with Poule Mange Poule: experimental yet rocky with jazz undertones. One interesting detail is that PSSISB will feature vocal samples from the group Les Coconuts (Catherine Levasseur-Therrien and Chloe Berlanga).

“They started recording lo-fi vocal tracks and drums last year for fun in Olivier [Fairfield]’s studio,” said Fet. Nat. member Pierre-Luc Clément of Les Coconuts. “I don’t think they are a band or an active project, but when we heard the tracks we just loved the vibe.”

Clément also pointed to the band’s increasing love of hip hop as a touchstone of their changing style. Part of that love has emerged in a patchwork recording style in which elements are taken from different recording sessions, and sampled sounds are used more liberally. In fact, one of the songs has never been played live, existing only on Fairfield’s hard drive.

“We usually record with the full band playing live and add the vocals,” said Clément. “These tracks were mostly built in the computer like a collage.”

For a band whose sound has often been defined by its life, jammy nature so clearly exemplified by their Bluesfest set a few years ago, that’s a bit of a change. An exciting one, to be sure, but it will be interesting to see how the band translates the album into a live set this Saturday.

fetnat-cocoEPThe album’s title, Please Stop Saying It’s So Beautiful, is as interesting as it is ambiguous. Clément has his own take on the meaning, though he insists on not speaking for the rest of the band, or for the band’s fans.

“Personally I see it as the perfect non-statement. It’s sarcastic, absurd, contradictory, non-contradictory. It kind of cancels itself in a way. These days I don’t hear anybody actually saying that anything is ‘so beautiful’”

The album also heralds the coming of a new LP by Fet. Nat. this summer or fall. Meanwhile, the band will be playing plenty of shows in Quebec and Ontario this spring and summer. Stay tuned to Apt613 for more info on that.

Fet. Nat. plays Le Temporarie (75 St. Redempteur, Gatineau) on Saturday, March 26 with Bonnie Doon and Carbe. For more information and tickets see the Facebook event.