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Gig Pick: FET.NAT album release at Petit Chicago—03.02.19

By Greggory Clark on February 26, 2019



The Hullois punk jazz band FET.NAT has made its name on unforgettable—verging maniacal—live performances to the tune of vocalist JFNO’s franglais absurdities and jaw-dropping musicianship between he and the band: Pierre-Luc Clément on guitars, Linsey Wellman on saxophones, and Olivier Fairfield on drums. Veterans of the Ottawa-Hull music universe, the quartet somehow cross into leftfield territory on a trajectory it seems no band in the world could possibly follow. Mixing punk, trip-hop, free jazz and afrobeat, their bizarre and unpredictable sound is virtually unrivalled.

Their upcoming show at Petit Chicago on March 2nd is a release party for the group’s new LP, Le Mal, available on 12-inch vinyl via Boiled Records. Stream Le Mal in the player below, order a copy online, or get vinyl at the show.

Developed during a 2018 residency at DAÏMÔN and recorded in Hull, Le Mal is a concept record with one side containing MIDI interpretations of the other.

“The MIDI concept was designed as an experiment… to try to extract ourselves from our own musical equation in three steps: step one being side A’s electric instruments, and step two being side B’s MIDI reflections,” explains Clément.

“The third step,” he adds, “will be full erasure, happening only at the end of the existence of FET.NAT.”

“By letting go, it made la suite des choses very interesting and unique.”

Portraits of FET.NAT from top-left, clockwise: Olivier Fairfield, Linsey Wellman, Pierre-Luc Clément, JFNO.

Written and performed by all four members, FET.NAT’s seventh release was arranged by Clément and Fairfield at their home studios.

JFNO says: “The way we worked on this record makes it special because I freely let PL [Pierre-Luc Clément] and Oli [Olivier Fairfield] do whatever they want with the lyrics, which was more like a résumé of poetry. Rarely have I seen this type of shared trust and ethic between writers and musicians. By letting go, it made la suite des choses very interesting and unique.”

FET.NAT is performing at Le Petit Chicago (50 prom. du Portage) at 9pm on Saturday March 2, 2019. See Facebook for details. Tickets are not available online. Pay what you can for admission at the door.