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Fellowship of the Blog: Ottawa’s C & C Dept. featuring Daphney

By Sanita Fejzić on July 29, 2015



Ottawa’s Compliments & Complaints Department is a featured column supported by the Apt613 Fellowship Program. The aim is to spotlight locals from different hoods of the capital, letting them celebrate this city and share their constructive criticisms.

Vertical_Daphney_MarketName: Daphney Clerge

About: Daphney used to be a student, but she’s currently working full time for the summer. In the fall, she’s going back to school to study Social Sciences.

Hood: The Byward Market. I met up with Daphney at the corner of Sussex Dr. and George St., by Chapters. Daphney just moved to Hull after having lived for many years in Sandy Hill.

Complaint: The amount of poverty that you have here in the downtown area only because it’s not nice to see such poverty, [especially because] it’s the nation’s capital. I would like to [see the City] go around and give out resources like food, water and tell people there are places where they can go and that will help them.

Compliment: I love the Market. It’s a fun place to be. There are lots of activities to do and it’s beautiful for sightseeing.

Recommendation: I find there are a lot of places to eat. My best recommendation would be to go to The Cornerstone if you’re going out to dine in the Market.



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