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Photo courtesy of Beau's.

Beau’s fights the winter doldrums with FeBREWary

By Jordan Duff on February 1, 2017


The doldrums of an Ontario winter can be tough. It’s cold, dark and the snowbanks have overtaken the streets and sidewalks. Need something to look forward to as winter’s longest, yet shortest, month approaches? Beau’s brewing gets it, so they’ve created FeBREWary.

“We decided ‘Hey! Why not take a boring month and make it cool by making new fun and interesting beer?!’” Explains Beau’s CEO Steve Beauchesne, “By making it available only to great pubs and restaurants, it means instead of hibernating, our fans have something to be really excited about.”

The program is ingeniously simple, every week in February, a new brew is unleashed. If you’re still unclear, let’s get down to brass taps and take it week by week:

febrewary-2017.calendar.ENFebruary 1st/2nd (International Gruit Day for those keeping score at home) is the release of Triceratops Tripel, a hybrid styled beer that combines the spices and herbs of a gruit with the malt-forward profile of a tripel.

February 9th will see the unveiling of Dunkel, a bready and rich warming brew.

February 16th hot off the presses will be Iron Shirt. This beer is also part of Beau’s Ottawa 2017 program (which celebrates our beautiful country through beer) and is a collaboration with Brasserie & distillerie Oshlag from Montreal. Proceed from this brew will benefit benefit community organization Je Passe Partout.

February 23rd invokes that classic orange and chocolate combo. Blood Simple is a witbier, brewed with organic blood orange juice, organic orange peel, and organic cacao. Suggested pairing: Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

February 30th / March 2nd brings the month-ish-long program full circle. Tyrannosaurus Gruit is an ancient ale flavoured with Québec-grown beets, hibiscus flowers, juniper berries and locally foraged organic white spruce tips. Also, there’s another dinosaur reference.

This event is celebrated across the city and province. The Beau’s website is the best place to find which watering hole is serving your favourite strange brew. But there is a couple events of note.

FeBREWary 24th will be a tap takeover at the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Nature Nocturne. All the above mentioned beers will be on tap.

Café Nostalgica will hurry-hard with a Beau’s themed curling rink that will host mini-bonspiels every Thursday in February to coordinate with each new beer.

The month of FeBREWary will be capped off with a Brew Donkey shuttle out to the Vankleek Hill brewery on March 4th & 5th.

It’s not a bad way to stay warm this winter…