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Father’s Day: A celebration of dad humour

By Apartment613 on June 16, 2019

By Chris Soza. Chris is an Ottawa based comic and full time electrical engineer who loves comedy electrons and karaoke. Catch his monthly show at Shanghai restaurant the first Friday of every month and enjoy some dumplings, laughs and karaoke.

A sense of humour is an essential part of being a parent. However, there is a strong correlation (causation to be determined) between the parent and a sense of humour that makes no one but that said parent laugh: Dad Jokes.

Dad jokes come in all forms: they can be clean (“Sewer? I hardly know ’er!); they can be dirty (Rectum? Damn nearly killed ’em!”); they don’t even have to make sense (Miami??! I barely know ’im!).

The only constant with these jokes, as Father’s Day is upon us, is that Dad’s response to receiving a gift will make everyone within hearing distance groan.

As a thank you for their tireless effort and their cheesy but effective humour here are some Dad Jokes from the Ottawa comedy scene’s fathers and their reasons for doing what they do.

Tavis Maplesden. Photo: Frank McGregor.

Reason #1: Societal bonuses

Finally, I can refer to myself as ‘daddy’ without sounding like a creepy weirdo.—Tavis Maplesden

Richard Kaulbars. Photo: Andrew Alexander.

Reason #2: Investments

Kid’s are a lot of work, but their precious organs can prolong daddy’s life.—Richard Kaulbars

Lorenzo Patino. Photo: David Irvine Photography.

Reason #3: Experience

A lot of comics tease me that I just follow around my kids with a notebook hoping for new material. They’re not wrong.—Lorenzo Patino

Kris Kingsbury. Photo: Crystal Martin of Crystal Clear Shots.

Reason #4: Timelessness

“Pull my finger!” because it never gets old to you and the older you get the messier it gets.—Kris Kingsbury

Wafik Nasralla. Photo: Lee Anne Watt.

Reason #5: Catharsis

I keep trying to be a better father and role model for my kids but then I catch myself serving them garbage like Froot Loops for breakfast. The box says 7 essential nutrients, my kid says, that’s 7 with the milk!—Wafik Nasralla

Asim B. Photo: Asim B’s Life-Partner.

Reason #6a: Perspective

No matter how hard my day has been, I am still pleasantly surprised by how quickly it can be replaced by happiness with one tiny hug or a simple “I love you Daddy.”—Asim B.

Greg Schroder. Photo: Mondays with Mac Photography.

Reason #6b: Perspective

I can’t listen to a lot of NWA because NWA is all about being who you wanna be – living life on your own terms and as a married father of two, I can’t do any of that.—Greg Schroder

Check out some of these fathers telling jokes around town:

  • Lorenzo Patino on the Father’s Day Comedy Show at Clocktower Brewpub Westboro (418 Richmond Road), Saturday, June 15 at 9pm
  • The Sunday Funnies Featuring Wafik Nasralla at Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin Street), Sunday, June 16 at 6:30pm (with $10 off roast beef dinner).
  • The Bad News with Tavis Maplesden at Yuk Yuk’s (292 Elgin Street), Tuesday, June 18 at 8:30pm. Tickets are $10.
  • Comedy at Eddy’s (777 Bank Street) hosted by Kris Kingsbury, Tuesday, July 2 at 7 pm. Tickets are $5.

Please note: Like a good NBA finals game all times are in Eastern Standard and all dollars are in CAD.*Swoosh = ChaChing*

Please note 2: Groans as a result of a Dad Jokes are strongly correlated and causal to Dad Strength.

Have a Happy (doesn’t have to be biological) Father’s Day!