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Capture taken from Haunted Walks' YouTube channel.

Experience the Halloween side of Haunted Walks—until 11.03.2018

By Apartment613 on October 30, 2018

Post by Mahera Mustafa

With Halloween quickly approaching, the mood is right for Haunted Walks. The independent tour company has been operating for 20 years in Ottawa, and while they offer walks all year round, they take it up a notch for the Halloween season. Some tours are only offered at Halloween.

Up close and on foot, these stories are true and are drawn from Ottawa’s past. The Haunted Walks team undertook several years of research to get the facts (and the spooky) just right.

Some tour guides we spoke to said that they’re often more scared than the participants they’re guiding.

Led by a caped guide’s lantern, you head through some of Ottawa’s notorious haunts such as the ByTown Museum, the Château Laurier and Ottawa’s most haunted high school.

And the tour I took was genuinely frightening. Some tour guides we spoke to said that they’re often more scared than the participants they’re guiding—especially when they hear noises they aren’t expecting.

A Haunted Walks tour guide in a capture from Haunted Walks’ YouTube channel.

During the year, the ByTown Museum is only a brief stop on the tours. But at Halloween, the museum is a major feature. Known as one of the most haunted buildings in Ottawa, the ByTown Museum is the site for the tour’s most memorable paranormal experiences, with stories of sightings so intense, even the tour guides get shook.

Another special Halloween tour takes visitors through the Ottawa Jail Hostel, which, as you can imagine, is also very haunted.

The visitors going on haunted walks for Halloween are excited about celebrating this spooky day, giving tour guides a chance to bring out their scariest stories. Do the spirits of those who inhabited the jail, or those who have lived or worked in the ByTown Museum still roam the halls? Do you dare find out?

Haunted Walks offers Halloween-specific tours until November 3rd. But, during the rest of the year, haunted walkers can still find a scare with their general tours.