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A collection of Matthew Hinter's works. Photo: Livia Belcea/Apt613.

Exhibition: Matthew Hinther’s The Glebe is Overrated at Studio Sixty Six—until 06.02.19

By Livia Belcea on May 29, 2019



Contemporary art gallery Studio Sixty Six presents Matthew Hinther: The Glebe is Overrateda collection of photographs taken by the artist over the course of several years as an homage to his beloved neighbourhood.

Matthew Hinther has lived in The Glebe for 43 years, growing with the neighbourhood and developing an intimate relationship with it. Even as new developments sprouted and new businesses replaced old ones over the last four decades, Matthew insists that The Glebe has remained true to its original character.

Viewers are invited to dive into their own memory of the neighbourhood.

His photographs are distinctively of The Glebe, yet viewers often comment that they had not noticed a particular building feature before seeing it in Matthew’s photograph; or had never seen an intersection from the presented angle. Since the photos’ exact locations are not divulged in the didactic panel, viewers are invited to dive into their own memory of the neighbourhood and associate the landmarks and intersections in these photos to where they are situated, a little bit like a landmark treasure hunt.

In addition to visiting the gallery and discovering The Glebe from a new perspective, patrons may also purchase Matthew Hinther’s photographs from the exhibition.

Matthew Hinther: The Glebe is Overrated is exhibited at Studio Sixty Six until Sunday, June 2. The gallery is located at 858 Bank Street, unit 101 from Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 6pm. Visit for more information, a calendar upcoming exhibits and for art sales.