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Pictured is Mathis Nils Eira, a reindeer racer. The racers use sleds or skis and are pulled around a track by the reindeer. Image: © Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen.

Exhibition: Frost at the Canadian Museum of Nature

By Apartment613 on December 26, 2017

By Celine Bowe

The Frost photo exhibition, presented by the Norwegian Embassy and currently on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature, explores the life and culture of Scandinavia’s Indigenous Sámi people. Traditionally the Sámi were reindeer herders, fishers and farmers, dependent on their geographical location. Their intimate
connection to nature and tradition in the Norwegian Arctic is explored through 30 photographs by photojournalist Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen, taken over 16 years. The Sámi homeland stretches from the Kola Peninsula in Russia, through northern Finland, Sweden and Norway.

I recently had the opportunity to view this exhibition in the museum’s rotunda. This ethereal image of a herd of reindeer in a “frost-fog” was the inspiration of the collection’s title, Frost. The show runs until January 7 and is included in the museum’s general admission.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is located at 240 McLeod Street and is wheelchair-accessible using a barrier free ramp at the entrance with a grade of about 5%.