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Exhibition: EYE BUY ART at Sussex Contemporary

By Helen Lam on June 14, 2018

To all the art collectors out there: this post is for you. EYE BUY ART’s Ottawa pop-up gallery is the city’s latest that is constantly changing the ways emerging artists from all over the country connect to new audiences.

EYE BUY ART is an online fine art photography gallery. This pop up store is its physical space in Ottawa for the next four months. Based in Toronto, the gallery is setting up shop in Ottawa for the first time. You’ll be able to see some pieces installed at The Sussex Contemporary in the Byward Market.

As an exhibit, the pop up won’t take you more than half an hour to walk through. The selection of photographs is only a fraction of what is available online. But if you are looking to collect, it is worth the trip to the pop-up to experience the pieces in person. While there are no unsettling images in the gallery that will have the faint-hearted clutching at their pearls, the works do pulse with a quiet energy. The featured artists explore themes of nature, identity, and modernity in Canadian life (with a dash of Los Angeles thrown in). Adam Rankin’s dreamlike Moving series explores the power of childhood memories, where the passage of time creates images that live on in the mind’s eye long after the physical has ceased to exist. Kristin Sjaarda’s The Kitchen Window series depicts the hearth and home through striking still life photographs that hint at lives beyond the frame.

If you are thinking about becoming an art collector, EYE BUY ART’s pop-up is a good place to explore. The prices are affordable and there is reliable information on the artists from the online gallery. Come down to The Sussex Contemporary to see these stories for yourself and decide whether you’d like to add them to your collection.

For more insight into EYE BUY ART’s collection, visit