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Exhibition: Ariane Beauchamp’s Paper Aviary at Seven Below—until 05.31.18

By Christine Seguin on May 2, 2018




Ottawa artist Ariane Beauchamp will be guiding an exploration through nature at Seven Below Gallery for the month of May. The show, opening May 4 and titled Paper Aviary, will be a whimsical reflection of our long-awaited spring and will feature Beauchamp’s new work which takes the viewer to a new dimension.

Beauchamp’s pen and ink drawings are a familiar sight in Ottawa. Her work is shown in many restaurants, cafés and galleries across the city. You may have even picked up a few prints from her at a craft sale or music festival. She is interested in recreating the chaos of the natural world, while using a traditional medium. In the past year, she has begun to lift her creations off the surface by working with paper cut-outs which meet the viewer face on.

‘Yellow Sandpiper’ by Ariane Beauchamp. Image courtesy of the artist.

I spoke with Ariane about this new multi-dimensional direction in her work. “I wanted an environment within the shadow box, capturing the natural world in a confined space. It’s a bit claustrophobic. The medium pushes out into the space but is restrained within the glass of the shadow box. I am taking the age-old medium of paper and ink and pushing its limits.”

Seven Below Gallery is a new space which opened its doors last fall. The gallery operates in harmony with A Modern Space, a fashionable furniture store in Old Ottawa South. “It is really pleasant working with Stephen Frew from Seven Below Gallery. It is a very approachable and casual art space which I really appreciate. I’ve always thought that art should be presented for everyone, not just for other artists. With the work being shown for a month, people don’t need to be present for a vernissage, they are able to view the pieces while casually strolling the area or shopping for furniture.”

Beauchamp’s presence in Ottawa has grown in recent years and she thinks highly of the local art scene. “There is a very strong artist community in Ottawa and it is very inclusive, especially in my neighbourhood (Hintonburg), everyone is looking out for everyone. Many community events are quick to include artists and we all have each other’s backs.” Though she loves working in Ottawa, Ariane is eager to works with spaces outside the Ottawa area.

I would encourage you to take a stroll through Old Ottawa South to take in this new work by a talented and multidimensional artist. You will even be able to get a sense of what her work would look like in your living room.

Paper Aviary by Ariane Beauchamp is on display at Seven Below Gallery (1150 Bank St) until May 31, 2018. The show opens at 6pm on Friday May 4. RSVP on Facebook.