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Photos provided by EPIC Lifestyle + Fitness

EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle is on mission to help people discover their own epic lifestyle through community, fitness and nutrition

By Jason Myerson on May 25, 2018

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
— Brené Brown

When we reflect on our lifestyle, many of us can pick apart the particulars that we’d like to improve on. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time for thoughtful consideration of our diet, exercise, or other aspects of our health that fuel our greatest goals. At the core of it all, we hope to be better and to do better. However, we tend to focus our efforts outwardly when the real change starts first from within.

When I first met Stephanie Karlovits, she invited me on a 10km bike ride that somehow ended in a push-up competition. We road-on, motivated by the words Stephanie ushered as small conversations clicked from the eclectic crew. Stephanie has the spirit to roar through time restlessly, never taking a bow but instead a triumphant power pose. Along with her daily lifestyle, Stephanie invigorates a commitment to the health of our community through her functional fitness facility which also hosts a holistic approach to nutrition.

After years of education and practical experience as a personal trainer, Stephanie decided she wanted to inspire further willingness for people to achieve a freedom for themselves, through themselves. In 2012 she founded EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle, a functional movement training facility and holistic lifestyle centre, coaching and educating people from all walks of life to live better. Since its inception, EPIC Fitness has had a mission to help people discover a lifestyle that can make them function at the highest levels of themselves—the Epic lifestyle.

When I spoke with Stephanie, I asked her why she decided to coach people in their physical pursuits, and also empower them with the education for their mental performance. “I learned growing up, in part, who I was through sport and competition.” Hard work, perseverance, and indomitable spirit are also some of the things Stephanie attributes to growing up in a military family, with a father who immigrated from Hungary to Canada. “Life wasn’t easy growing up in my home, but I found the courage to fight for what I believed in— a strong community.”

When I entered EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle, I felt like I had stepped into the future of fitness. State of the art equipment and a one-stop shop for nutrition was perfectly paired with a staff ready to serve.

From the self-propelled treadmills to the grid-giving spinning bikes, it occurred to me: Stephanie wasn’t just giving back to the local community, but to the greater community. People and planet sums up the harmony that EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle has created. When you visit EPIC, located at 230 Beechwood Avenue, be sure to check out their health clinic offering physiotherapy, massage therapy, holistic nutrition, energy healing, naturopathy and much more, or attended one of their many locally famous fitness classes. It’s more than fitness. It’s about living an Epic life!

Visit EPIC Lifestyle + Fitness at 230 Beechwood Avenue or check them out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.