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Enriched Bread Artists hosts Drawn

By Ryan Saxby Hill on April 29, 2011

The Enriched Bread Artists (EBA) building is one of those spots you should visit. It’s made up of several floors of small studios, spread throughout an interesting warehouse-looking building on Gladstone Avenue. The EBA have become famous for hosting super-fun open house events where you can meet the artists and see whatever they happen to be working on most recently.

Thankfully, they’re starting to open their doors a little more often. This weekend from 11am-5pm, both Saturday and Sunday, you can see EBA artists Jean Halstead, Gayle Kells, Marika Jemma, Svetlana Swinimer and Joyce Westrop in the show Drawn. This should be an inclusive contemporary show, showing off the diversity of the EBA group. The building is at 951 Gladstone Ave. and the show takes place on the second floor. Admission is free (but they would likely will take donations if you’re feeling generous).

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