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Enjoy an intimate house concert with Ottawa’s own Dragon’s Tea Trio?

By Alejandro Bustos on February 21, 2014





Do you enjoy being at a friend’s home, relaxing with a cup of wine, as you listen to beautiful music? Now imagine that a talented group of musicians suddenly appeared and started playing live in this cosy and intimate setting.

Local group Dragon’s Tea Trio is offering music lovers such an experience when they play an intimate house concert on March 2 at 7:30 pm at 63 Wilton Crescent.  The suggested concert donation is $15.

“Private concerts are really special,” says vocalist Rachel Eugster in an email to Apartment613. “Imagine inviting a bunch of friends over and importing your favourite group to play live for them in your living room.  Dragon’s Tea may not have the name recognition of, say, Sting, but we can offer an immediacy and intimacy in a home that can be elusive in a concert hall.”

Formed last summer, the local group is comprised of Eugster, guitarist Andrew Mah and cellist Joan Harrison.  Mixing different styles, the group blends everything from Brazilian samba rhythms, Bach, folk music and even musical theatre to produce a lovely sound.

Even though they have been together for less than a year, the group is already planning a short tour of New England in the fall of 2014.  There are also plans to start working on a couple of CDs.

“We are working forward and backward simultaneously.  Exploring Renaissance greats such as John Dowland, and at the same time beginning to write some original music,” says Eugster, who is also a published author.  “Andrew will also be creating more Bachianized music.

The special magic of house concerts, meanwhile, has a special place in the trio’s hearts.

(L-R) Andrew Mah, Rachel Eugster and Joan Harrison

(L-R) Andrew Mah, Rachel Eugster and Joan Harrison.

“Why play house concerts?  Because we love them,” says Eugster.  “[The March 2] concert stemmed from our debut appearance in June. Our hosts for the March 2 event attended that concert, and were so excited by what they heard that they decided then and there to invite us to play in their house.

“This often happens at our concerts.  People — hosts, guests, and performers — love the intimacy of house concerts. And we enjoy mingling with the guests to chat and answer questions.”

Given that the show will be in a private home, some may wonder whether they should bring anything as if going to a party.  Eugster assures Apartment613, however, that audience members only need to bring an appetite for good music, while some wine and light refreshments will be provided.

As for the performance itself, expect an eclectic mix.

“Dragon’s Tea programs always blend various elements,” says Eugester.  “We call our music folkazzical, as we enjoy playing — and sometimes fusing — a broad range of styles and genres. On March 2, we will include pieces ranging from a song written for television in the 1970s to samplings of Bach, with folk songs, popular songs, jazz, and classical pieces sprinkled in between.”

Anyone interested in scheduling a performance or who wants to be added to the group’s mailing list can write

Dragon’s Tea Trio perform on March 2 at 63 Wilton Crescent ( 613-230-8077).  The concert starts at 7:30 pm and audience members  can start arriving after 7 pm. The suggested ticket donation is $15. Reservations can be made by emailing Seating is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will receive an email confirmation within a day or two.