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End of an era: Timekode at the Eri is no more

By François Levesque on January 15, 2014

To the surprise of many, it was announced on Monday that last month’s Timekode will be the last one to be held at Eri Cafe on Somerset St. W. From the Timekode Facebook group:

“Some unexpected circumstances beyond our control have led to the somewhat shocking revelation that December 2013’s jam was the final TIMEKODE ever at the Eri Café. We can hardly believe it either. After 8 years, nearly 100 straight jams, an ocean of sweat, and tens of thousands of soles moved to music that you’d never hear anywhere else, TK at the Eri Café is over. This month there is no party and we will be observing a moment of silence to commemorate our time at the Eri and to regroup. TIMEKODE will be back on the third week in February at a new location to be announced. Shout out to all the amazing DJs, dancers and artists who came through over the years and inspired us all with their performances, whether on the turntables, microphone or dance floor.

When we first found the Eri, Somerset and Preston was a very different place. Ottawa was a very different city. As the seed that we planted at that intersection grew, we witnessed a neighbourhood and creative community of artists grow up all around us. For the record, there is not one drop of bad blood between us and the good folks at the Eri Café. We still ride for Eritrea! That room hosted some of the best nights of our lives. It was the place where a lot of people realized that there was more to this city than government workers and telecom. When the lights were low and the bass was throbbing with 200 + people all moving together to the music under heat so intense even the ceiling was sweating, you could start to see Ottawa’s soul. For some it was the first time they saw it. For us it was a confirmation month after month that where we live and play is special.”

Its been an incredible ride and the moments we made together on the dance floor will never be forgotten. This month we’ll just be pouring a little out for the Eri Café and enjoy the memories. As you read this, the next chapter of TK is in the works. We are far from done. The mission has always been about keeping the tradition of mixing music and dancing while exploring the freshest sounds of yesterday, today and tomorrow with two turntables and a microphone. And you of course. The next chapter will bring us back to those roots while pushing us forward into the future. We hope you’ll join us as we grow – STAY TUNED!

DJ Memetic confirmed that the Eri is closing which has forced them to look for a new location. In an interview with Apt613 back in 2009, DJ Zattar speaks of the special relationship TK established with Eri Café. It will be interesting to see if Timekode re-emerges in an unconventional venue like the Eri, or if they’ll settle for somewhere more mainstream like Mercury Lounge or Babylon.

If you’re craving some Timekode beats, Zattar and Memetic have recently come out with an EP. Listen below.