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Photo by Francois (Apt613 Flickr Pool)

Eerie Loom ignites a creative power head to toe with their new EP

By Jason Myerson on June 19, 2017

Consciousness is reactive—colours, lights, sounds, touch, and our awareness of these. When you jump into the newly released EP, Potency, by Eerie Loom, all of the input titillates your awareness leaving it only one place to go: the imagination.

Upon plugging into Eerie Loom’s tracks, my thoughts swiftly shifted. Suddenly, I found myself in a vintage car on a black and white backdrop, racing away from the city with no one in sight. The street lamps blinked on behind me as the sun slowly set for west and the sky illuminated a dusty rose in my rearview mirror. The feeling was easy breezy as the road opened up to possibilities.

Photo by Hector Tovar.

Eerie Loom. Photo by Hector Tovar.

Eerie Loom ignites a creative power head to toe, wakening the imagination from its slumber. All the hard work and vision by Michael Holmes, Matthew Gilmour, and Jordan David has amounted to the release and streamable extended play singles available today. I’m happy to present Potency, by Eerie Loom.

Check out the tracks at and find them on Facebook.