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Putting SafeTube to the test. Photos: Hannah Manning

EcoEquitable’s SafeTube mask was designed to keep you safe and warm this winter

By Hannah Manning on February 2, 2021


EcoEquitable has released a tube mask that was designed for Ottawa winters. Called the SafeTube, the mask is the perfect combination of face mask and neck warmer. According to their site, the tube contains three layers and a filter that can be washed up to 50 times with maintained filtration efficiency using mechanical nano-filtration capacity.

Ready to tackle a run on a chilly Ottawa day.

Each January, I participate in Run Ottawa’s run streak: Run a minimum of one mile each day for all 31 days of January. Some years, the weather is extra-cold and snowy. Other years, I’m worried about balancing the run streak with other commitments. This year, my main concern was how to take part while keeping myself and those around me safe. Besides planning routes that have wide sidewalks and going out at times when fewer people are around, I knew a mask would be coming along for the run streak. EcoEquitable sent me a SafeTube to try out and I happily took it for a spin: The drawstring cord made the mask easy to adjust, it kept me warm and cozy, and I felt safe. Check, check, and check!

SafeTube is a partnership between EcoEquitable and Dessius Consulting, a fibre science and consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta. To learn more about the SafeTube, I connected with EcoEquitable’s Executive Director Anouk Bertner by email. You can also read their blog post about the design experience.

Apt613: Can you tell me more about EcoEquitable?

EcoEquitable is a charitable organization and social enterprise that supports newcomer women in developing the skills necessary for financial autonomy through sewing while greening the environment. We recycle over 10,000 pounds of textiles annually and support our community in embracing slow fashion and a zero-waste lifestyle. We offer a wide range of sewing courses for all levels and sewing aspirations.

Is SafeTube only available online, or can it be purchased elsewhere?

They can be purchased online on our website. Please use code APT613 for a 15 per cent discount. They can also be bought from Maker House and Massine’s Your Independent Grocer.

Anything else Apt613 readers should know?

We are using Gopher It to deliver them, which is a fulfillment and delivery service that is a competitor to They-Who-Cannot-Be-Named. I am SO EXCITED about this new development because it means that people will get their products same-day if they order before 2pm and next-day afterwards if they’re in Ottawa. I just think it’s so cool to be increasing our service and also support another great local business. It’s really hard during lockdown and the pandemic in general to offer good service without a giant infrastructure network.

EcoEquitable’s SafeTube mask comes in four sizes: youth, small/medium adult, large/X-large adult, and XXL adult. Product dimensions are available on their website. You can also purchase one to gift to someone in need. In-Ottawa deliveries are offered by Gopher It Deliveries, with same-day shipping on orders placed before 2pm. Apt613 readers can use the code APT613 to save 15 per cent when ordering from EcoEquitable. SafeTube is also available from Maker House and Massine’s Your Independent Grocer.