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Photo by Chris Lalonde, Photolux Studio, courtesy of You.i TV.

Doors Open, but for startups: a free event offers tours of innovative local companies

By Jordan Duff on November 21, 2016

Startup Open House Ottawa, presented by Invest Ottawa, is coming up on Tuesday, November 29th.

Registered participants will be toured through the offices of local startups, giving interested talent, community builders and curious residents a chance to peek behind the curtains of some of Ottawa’s most innovative companies.

Photo courtesy of SOHOTT.

Photo by Chris Lalonde, Photolux Studio, courtesy of You.i TV.

Much like the popular architecture-focused event Doors Open, Startup Open House lets guests explore and experience new spaces in their community and networking with the people that work there. Guests walk into participating company offices, meet the people that work there and have the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about how these businesses operate. The participating offices are the Better Software CompanyMartello Technologies, ProntoformsYou.i TV, KlipfolioPageCloud, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. The full itinerary can be found here.

The event is free but registration is limited. At the time of writing, 250 people have already signed up. Invest Ottawa is hoping to attract participants from all industries and not just techies. Startups are made up of creative types from all walks of life.

Photo courtesy of SOHOTT.

Photo by Chris Lalonde, Photolux Studio, courtesy of You.i TV.

With your ticket comes access to the shuttle bus that will tour to the participating business, which stretch from downtown to Kanata. The shuttle bus is the best way to get around.

Plus, it’s almost like a Brew Donkey tour without the beer. But wait – actually, there is beer! Sweet, sweet locally crafted beer. Participating startup PageCloud, for one, takes their brews pretty seriously and their team enjoys sampling the wealth of 613 craft beer. Like excellent hosts, they’ll be offering a variety of local craft brews from their office fridge, including their favs from Tooth & Nail and Beyond The Pale. Beyond a few beer samples throughout the tour, there’s also the afterparty. The party is for participants only and details will only be released upon registration. Mysterious…

Lauren Olson, Brand Ambassador at PageCloud, is a fan of the concept: “PageCloud wouldn’t be where it is today without the momentum and support we received from the Ottawa Startup Community. It’s just that – a community, so it’s a priority for us to stay involved, give back and stay plugged in. We’re also just a little bit excited to have startups in town and across the country here to tour and enjoy our new office space. There’s an indoor park in our lobby, and we always have cookies.” It’s unclear which beer will be paired with these cookies…

They’re not the only participating company that’s pumped to welcome SOHOTT bus riders to their office, Jane Maguire of Shopify is excited, “Ottawa has a great startup ecosystem, and we’re excited to help support its growth. We’re opening our doors to the community during Startup Open House Ottawa, so that everyone can learn more about Shopify and current opportunities within the company.”

Because social media is likely to play a role in this day, it’s important to note that the official hashtag #SOHOTT, all the better when you realize it’s pronounced “so hawt”.

Interested? Click here to learn more and register.