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Front and back cover of Issue #10. Photo: Kenneth Charlebois.

Do It For The Grain magazine goes to pwyc delivery model in lockdown

By Greggory Clark on January 5, 2021

Due to the lockdown, the next issue of Do It For The Grain magazine will not be distributed to shops. Normally the zine can be picked up at GPC Labworks on Bank or at Possible Worlds on Wellington West. Instead, every issue will go straight to the mailboxes of local photography lovers. Subscribers name their price: free or pay-what-you-can (pwyc).

DIFTG is a non-profit publication with big goals. Before the lockdown, the zine’s volunteer team ran darkroom workshops and started fundraising to open a permanent space. “The vast majority of proceeds go to the photographer,” says founder Kenneth Charlebois, however any remaining profit from pwyc subscriptions, donations and online print sales goes to the studio fund. The goal is to open an accessible community darkroom and studio space, pandemic notwithstanding.

L to R: Photos by Daniel Bala and Erin Wilson

The latest issue (December 2020) featured work by 14 independent photographers such as Marc-Antoine Leveille, Loukia Merdanos, Erin Wilson, and Jean Christian Ishimwe. Besides being published in the same zine, their art shares something else in common. Every photo is shot with an analog camera—not a digital camera or smartphone.

“The idea behind [the zine] is making photography physical,” said Charlebois in an interview with Apt613. “You’re taking photos, not for the sake of posting them online… You’re taking photos for the sake of actually creating an image.”

Pictured: Photo by Loukia Merdanos in Issue #10.

Prior to the first of every month, artists living in the Ottawa-Gatineau area are welcome to submit film photos, polaroids, darkroom experiments, paper negatives, and maintain ownership of their work. One submission per photographer per month, max four photos per submission. DIFTG recently began accepting colour photos.

Visit for information about submissions and subscriptions.