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DJ Fight Night: Timekode and Ceremony face off in the ring

By Jon Schofield on October 18, 2012

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, some of the heaviest weights in Ottawa’s DJ and boxing scenes are going to be under one roof and in the same ring – for one heck of a good cause. The Beaver Boxing Club is hosting its first DJ battle and dance party featuring TIMEKODE vs. CEREMONY, in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. You heard that right, and you know what these guys are capable of, so start stretching now, folks, ‘cuz this is going to be one great party. Everything gets going at 9pm, and at midnight the DJs will go round for round ten minutes at a time – giving themselves the grounds to showcase what makes their respective parties really unique.

Apt613 recently dropped by Beaver Boxing Club to chat with the organizers and DJ Zattar of TIMEKODE, and quickly got to talking about the club, the cause, the dignity in a fun, fair fight/match. We learned that while Beaver Boxing Club has been an Ottawa boxing institution for decades now, and since its resettlement in Little Italy almost two years ago it’s clearly breathing new life into the community, and vice versa. Check out the full interview in the Apartment613 Live podcast from this week (posted soon!).

The ladies from the club emphasized the strong youth presence and longstanding relationship the club has had with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, and how the two organizations work together to create safe, fun activities and training for everyone. They explained that due to their similar vision, they have often held fundraisers for the Boys and Girls Club, but holding this kind of party is definitely a first.

DJ Zattar expressed his sincere appreciation for the role the club is playing to infuse life into and contribute to the development of the neighborhood and particularly local youth. He spoke candidly about the positive changes he’s witnessed in the area since he lived in this area several years ago, and on behalf of both DJ crews he expressed their pleasure to be involved with such a good cause – but he assured us he’s not going to go easy on the CEREMONY crew.

We also had a first-hand look at local heavies Jamie and Randy demonstrating their speed, skills, and maturity in an incredible round of sparring, to which my camera could hardly keep up with.

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 Organizers are going to be decking the place out by pretty much leaving it exactly as it is – an undeniably authentic boxing club – and adding all sorts party fixings, including a well-stocked bar, and a hundred watts of bass to run through your veins. Local fashion/style photographer Dan Ziemkiewicz will also be on hand, selling photos of your favourite Beaver Boxing members.
If you’re unaware, both DJ camps are made up of some of the most talented and progressive musicians in town. They each put on amazing monthly parties, and their styles and mixes run amuck with all sorts of wild foreign and domestic influences which inherently shake, rattle, n’ roll, so get ready to party!

Here’s how they match-up:

In the blue corner you’ll find the tried, tested, n’ true TIMEKODE crew represented by DJs Zattar, Eric Roberts, and Memetic, weighing in with almost 7 years of experience bringing soul to Ottawa’s soles with one of the most original and popular monthly parties in town. These guys know exactly how to get you moving to their unique blend of vintage afro/funk/soul, and there’s no doubt they’ll be coming on strong.

In the red corner, the ‘underdogs’ from CEREMONY are quickly proving their bark has bite, weighing in as one of the heaviest and most seductive monthly event in town. While having only been on the scene for the last year, the infamous lineup of Adam Saikaley, Gary Franks, and … aherm…Eric Roberts know the game inside ‘n’ out, and already have the following to prove it. They’re also probably the first to admit they play dirty, so we’ll be keeping an eye on them to ensure everything goes down fair n’ square.

But don’t listen to me, come and decide for yourself!

This fight goes down at Beaver Boxing, 145 Spruce Street (west of Preston, north of Somerset), Saturday October 20th; doors open at 9 pm. Tickets $5 at the door. Cash Bar only (no ATM on site); coat check. 19 + event

Thanks to Jamie, Randy, Jasmine Lefebvre, Amanda Elliott, Iman Al, Michael Bhardwhaj and Jill Perry for making the interview and the photoshoot possible!