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King Kimbit, Seiiizmikk, Dashype perform at DIY Spring 2018. Photo: Nneka Nnagbo.

Ottawa’s DIY Spring announces 2019 festival lineup

By Greggory Clark on March 25, 2019



Spring is looking better for Ottawa music fans. It’s thanks to DIY Spring, an underground futurist music festival returning for the third time this May 10 to 12.

Shows are taking place May 10 in Hintonburg at General Assembly and The Record Centre; May 11 at Black Squirrel Books in Old Ottawa South; and on closing day, May 12, at Queen St. Fare.

The inaugural 2016 event, which drew a few hundred listeners to shows at Zaphod’s and Pressed, was actually intended as a one-off event. It started as a collaborative project between local art collectives and concert promoters Debaser and Babely Shades.

“The choice to become an annual festival was to respond to the need for safer and supportive spaces for young and emerging racialized artists in the Ottawa area,” says founder and producer Elsa Mirzaei, “particularly for women and queer people.”

Photo: Nneka Nnagbo

“Ottawa is a big city, but is still a little bit behind in its music industry. On top of navigating casual or subtle sexism and racism, racialized artists are oftentimes paid less and underrepresented on festival stages across the city.”

“By having an annual event, we are trying to increase representation of these artists, hopefully land them more festival slots in the future, and simultaneously have fun.”

The Lineup

Friday, May 10

  • Cap City Cypher
  • x.morganii
  • Novusolis
  • King Kimbit
  • Eyeda Sophia

Saturday, May 11

  • Kimberly Sunstrum
  • Lucila Al Mar
  • Lia Kloud
  • Sydanie
  • Fruit, Star, Candybar

Sunday, May 12

  • Ziibiwan
  • Rita Carter
  • Silla + Rise

Visit for the complete lineup and schedule.