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Discover yourself at STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

By Jennifer Nguyen on July 2, 2013


What do you usually think of when you hear the word “exhibition”? Props, costumes and art? Just a bunch of things on display, right? There’s nothing really wrong with that, especially if the pieces are visually captivating, but it’s just a little…ordinary. Well, good news for all you Star Wars lovers out there! Not only does this unique exhibition showcase an impressive collection of over 200 props, artwork, costumes and models courtesy of the Lucasfilm Archives, but you actually become of the experience (ten points for playing on this generation’s egotism). By the time you finish the exhibition, you’ll have created your very own Star Wars Hero. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

To kick things off, you’ll receive a smart technology bracelet. Throughout the exhibition you’ll come across interactive stations that invite you to answer questions.  One station even measures the Big Five personality traits of your character: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. I’m happy to report that I scored low on neuroticism. The answers you choose are then saved into the bracelet, helping to create your hero’s complete profile.


Will your character be a Wookiee? A Twi’lek? How about an Ewok?

Along with the bracelet, you’ll also be given a headpiece which allows you to listen to video clips playing on TV screens displayed throughout the exhibition. Watch as animated graphics explain the science behind the components which affect identity combined with various clips from the film franchise.

Photo 2 Podracer

Anakin Skywalker’s badass podracer.

In addition to the interactive features of the exhibition, you can feast your eyes on original costumes worn by your favourite characters. From Queen Amidala to Darth Maul, marvel at the style of those belonging to both the Dark and Light Side.

Photo 3 Amidala

You’ve got to admire Queen Amidala’s fashion sense.

As you go on the quest to find your hero’s identity, you’ll encounter the inhabitants of the Star Wars universe face-to-face. Take a look at the models on display. There may be a thin piece of glass separating you from Chewbacca or Yoda, but you won’t be able to deny how impressive they are once you see how much detail is put into them.

Photo 4 Yoda

Up close and personal you must get with Yoda.

All in all, this exhibition is a definite must-see for any Star Wars fan. Coupling Star Wars with the theme of character design is an interesting concept as it entertains and educates visitors all the while forcing them to think about who they are. That’s some deep stuff.

Photo 5 Darth Vader

Will you join Darth Vader on the Dark side of the Force?

You’re a Star Wars noob, you say? Don’t worry if you aren’t able to tell the difference between a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett (the horror!). Actually, I have something to confess…I’m not really a huge Star Wars fan myself. Gasp! I think I’ve seen only one film out of the entire franchise. Does that make my review of this exhibit invalid? Not at all! I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience as I left with a fountain of knowledge about the Star Wars universe that I didn’t have before. Not only that, but going through the exhibition was fun because it was a lot like playing a game. I ended up being a Twi’lek bounty hunter on the Dark side of the Force. Insert evil laugh here. What will you be?

The exhibition is currently on at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum every day until Monday, September 2nd. To learn more and buy tickets online; hop on over to